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Learn How To Write A Strong Essay

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 11/19/2008
  • Writing

As you probably are already aware, to achieve any kind of decent grade in your college essay you will need to be able to produce one that satisfies certain requirements. Besides the actual knowledge needed as it relates to the specific topic or area of expertise your success will be based upon ensuring that the essay is well written and demonstrates your ability to logically argue your point of view. This brief article will explore some of the considerations you should make in order to write a good essay. The first and perhaps most important step in writing an essay is to give yourself enough time to complete the task. This sounds simple enough, but it is remarkable how many students think that they have enough time, but instead find themselves panicking as the deadline looms because they have not given the essay enough time. It is better to have written the essay with a week to spare then have to rush it through whilst watching the clock with hours to go. Despite what you might think, no-one writes well under pressure. The next stage is the planning stage. This is important because once you have mapped out the basic structure of your essay then you are able to more clearly define the arguments that will ultimately create the core of the essay. So at this stage you should spend time researching the relevant literature and construct a coherent argument in response to the essay question.

Develop a skeleton outline of the argument by briefly writing down what each section of the essay aims to discuss. This planning will also help you to complete

the task much more quickly than if you were to muddle through trying to find the relevant information as you went along. Once this is complete then you are ready to write a draft version of the essay. At this stage it is important to focus on simply getting the argument down on paper. Do not worry about the finer details as these can be easily refined later on. So many students procrastinate after they have done the research and the planning as they try to discover the perfect essay. Instead it is far more productive to just get something loosely related to the research written down. Follow the structure and write about each of the points that you have outlined. Write the essay in a clear format. The essay needs to have a clear defined introduction and then each of the key points of your argument should be written in separate paragraphs. The conclusion is the most important aspect of the entire essay as this is where you collate your argument and offer a viewpoint on the question you initially posed in the introduction. The final consideration that you should make when writing a good essay is proofreading. Once you are happy with the essay, it is vital that firstly you read through it to check for basic spelling and grammatical errors and that it also makes sense in the context of the question. It is wise at this stage to always have the original question in your mind as you are reading and you should constantly ask yourself, is the essay answering the question?

It is also a good idea to ask a friend or relative to read the essay once it is complete. Often a second point of view can help to highlight a problem that may have been missed by the original writer.



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