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Learn more about costume jewellery

  • By Robin Khan
  • Published 11/15/2010
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France was the largest industry in making fake pearls made with glass beads packed with wax and covered with grounded fish scales. They looked like real pearls and were stylish for over 200 years. Many costume jewellery designs from this era are still obtainable while the expensive jewelry with real gems and gold is in vogue today.Casual jewellery is used to wear at the communal get together, opera, dinner parties and wedding ceremonies. It is normally made of metals, stones, imitation gems and gold and is simple with sparkling lines and delicate designs. Casual jewellery has a stylish look that is best matched with dresses for any formal occasion. It is available in the sets or separate pieces like necklaces, rings and collars clip on earrings. Semi expensive gems, clip on earrings and necklaces are made for formal outfits.Today, many brides choose costume jewellery for their important day because it is fashionable, well designed and much more inexpensive than real gold and diamonds. Nevertheless, low cost alone would not induce a new bride, the remarkable and gleaming sets with imitation stones and gold coated silver would however satisfy anyone. Sets with matching necklaces, chokers, bracelets and clip on earrings provoke a glittery show.

Costume jewellery has infinite promises for casual wearing. The materials are horn, plastic, glass, resin, leather, beads, wood, bone, feathers, paper and even clay. It is ex

citing to decorate and makes a unique appearance that mirrors your personality. There are many prospects that can be somewhat altered for each dress. Formal costume jewellery is contemporary, stylish and immensely admired today.Twilight attire costume jewellery is about fascination. Subtle chains or stone studded bracelets, chandelier clip on earrings or designer pendants, this jewelry is about stunning life. All of this is obtainable at reasonable prices so you can have sets of various charms and designs.Costume jewellery also represents spiritual and religious themes. It is very fashionable jewelry from the Zodiac signs to big stainless-steel crucifixes. Antique Egyptian and Greek designs are also available. People who believe in myths have a belief that these designs and pictures bring energy and well-being to the wearer.There are also some classic clips on jewelries from the elegance of the past. The art fashions lead beautiful earrings with ethereal, romantic flowers and cheerful birds as well as intellectual designs that are modern and elegant. In the early1920’s costume jewellery, famed as cocktail jewelry worn along with genuine precious gem pieces in a blend or cocktail of style. After World War II when precious metals were scarce, costume jewellery flourishing in the US, was watched all over the flora and fauna in Hollywood films. These became very adorable and were popular everywhere. Today costume jewelry has become a very essential part of women adornments to enhance their everlasting glowing beauty and passion. nopicture-2735479

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