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Learn More about The Different Uses of Granite

When it comes to the popular building materials, granite stands tall among the other types of materials. For several years, granite has been popular for being used for both exterior and interior applications. Granite stones are used for bridges, buildings, monuments, paving and so on. Granite is also used for a number of exterior projects. For example, the polished granite slabs as well as tiles are used for kitchen countertops, stair treads, floors and so on. Granite is considered to be a prestige material that is used in different projects as it provides the impression of quality and elegance. Get to know more about granite natural stone to find out what other uses does this stone have.

What is granite natural stone?

As far as the definition of granite is concerned, different people may define it in different ways. A geologist may define this natural stone as a coarse-grained, feldspar and quartz bearing igneous rock that is composed completely of crystals. However, the name “granite” is more commonly used to refer to stones that are feldspar-bearing rocks with interwoven crystals which are big enough to be seen even with naked eye. Because of this classification, different stones such as gabbro, syenite, monzonite, granodiorite, gneiss and anorthosite are also categorized as granite.

What are different uses of granite?

Granite is undoubtedly one of the popular choices when it comes to the interiors of a building. This is probably the primary reason why granite is used for making kitchen and bathroom countertops. The use of granite as floor tiles is also popular all over the world. If you are building your home or doing the remodeling of your house and facing confusion about which material to choose for the floors and kitchen countertops, you can think about the granite stones. Here are some of the common uses of granite stones:

Counter tops: As it is mentioned before, granite kitchen countertopsare quite popular all around the world. Granite stones come in different shades, colors and textures that can provide an elegant look for your kitchen. Granite is a good choice not only for its aesthetic appeal; it is extremely durable and does not even require a lot of maintenance. Besides being used for kitchen countertops, granite is also used for bathroom countertops. The use of granite for mantelpieces has always been popular as well. The kind of granite that is most commonly used for making the countertops is known as Biotite-granite. Some of these types of stones also include plagioclase and quartz. Granite is polished for making the countertops which providing the ultra-modern look for your house.

Monuments: Besides being used for making countertops, granite is also proven useful for making monuments and statues. The monuments of famous people are often created with the granite stones. Though, in the past, marble used to be a popular choice for making the statues and monuments, granite is rapidly gaining its popularity.

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