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Learn More about the Position of an Accounts Manager

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 07/5/2012

The accounts manager plays a significant role in an organisation. If you are looking for jobs in accounting in Ipswich, you may consider the possibility of becoming an accounts manager. If you are taking it into consideration, you will have to learn more about what being an accounts manager is all about.

As an accounts manager, you will be working with the sales and marketing department of your company or organisation and you will be responsible for managing client accounts. The role of an accounts manager will vary depending on what type of business it is. But simply put, the accounts manager will be playing the role of an interface between the sales department and customer services within a company.

The accounts manager will have to maintain the existing relationship between the company and the clients. This responsibility is of utmost importance as it will make sure that the clients keep on using the company. Apart from retaining the existing client base, the accounts manager will also have to work to identify potential new clients as well as business opportunities. They will have to persuade new customers for placing business with their company.

Accounts managers will have to work with clients for identifying their requirements and will also have to figure out how the business can best meet those needs. This will make sure that the clients do not place their business elsewhere and keep doing business with the company. The volume of work that the accounts manager will have to do will depend on the size of the company. In some companies, the accounts manager may handle a single account while in other companies they may have to handle a whole list of clients.

How much salary can an accounts manager expect?

An accounts manager can earn anywhere from £18,000 to £70,000. Their salary will depend on the nature and size of their company and also on their experience. Sales is a key dimension in the role of an accounts manager; so, the accounts manager may also earn commissions when they hit their sales targets.

What are the primary responsibilities of an accounts manager?

The responsibilities of accounts managers may vary depending on the requirements of the clients and the size and nature of their company. The common responsibilities that most accounts managers have to handle are:

  • Identifying the possible new clients and business opportunities
  • Coming up with ways of attracting new clients
  • Liaising with the clients for figuring out their needs and requirements
  • Dealing with the client request
  • Designing the marketing strategies as well as media proposals for a service or product
  • Making sure that the clients make their payments on time
  • Making sure that the outgoings of the company are all paid on time
  • Communicating the client agendas with the other members of the team
  • Maintaining an excellent understanding of the clients as well as their business strategies
  • Being the first point of contact for the company clients
  • arranging meetings
  • taking care of the general administrative duties
  • giving presentations

The accounts manager will also be responsible for selling new campaigns and products. If you are still thinking about where to go look for accountancy jobs, you can get in touch with the various consultancies that also provide HR jobs.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a writer with years of experience in the recruitment and financial industries. Predominantly a freelance writer he enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. His articles can inform you onJobs in accounting in Ipswich.



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