Learning with Entertainment: TopRated Educational Software for Kids

Here are some quality educational software programs for your child’s learning pleasure.

Viva Media Playing Music

Children are naturally interested in music. However, most lose interest when they are made to learn notes. Playing Music does not put emphasis on notes, but rather on the child’s listening skills. Children are allowed to experiment with different moods for a piece of music. They can take the music, and with the direction of a piano master; add or remove allegros, staccatos and fortes, among others, to gain a deeper appreciation of music expression.

The package comes complete with a glossary, videos and even a workshop to teach the child how to appreciate dynamics and moods in music.

Suitable for children aged 8 and above, Playing Music has the potential to be a stepping stone towards a formal music education.

Time Engineers

Time Engineers exposes the child to feats of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering in the distant historical past. Children travel as far back as the time of King Menkaure in ancient Egypt and help His Majesty build a pyramid and create an irrigation system for the Nile River Valley. They may even participate in war-time engineering projects such as building a submarine for a World War Two campaign.

Audio commentary is provided on how they should go about executing their engineering projects. This involves explanation on materials, cost and mathematical formulas to be used.

This software is an ideal program for children aged 10 and above to help them gain a historical perspective of engineering.

What Smart Kids Know About Endangered Species

Yes, that’s the title of this educational software designed to expose children to an important aspect of animal life. Children are made to understand how certain human activities like deforestation and pollution threaten the animal kingdom.

It comes in the form of a rhyme book with an animated voice reading aloud the hazards human beings cause to animals. There is also room for interactivity – coloring activities, mini crosswords and puzzles to keep the child occupied. This software is suitable for children aged 4 and above.

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave

Children are invited to play detective here and put to test their deduction and reasoning powers. They are transported into a three-dimensional world where they are provided with a toolbox with evidence for the case and telephone access to Hardy Boys to explore the cave and solve the mystery surrounding it.

Children can use the built-in GPS system to help them move through various locations and when they run into problems, they can always consult Nancy’s to-do list to help them proceed with the investigation. Children learn how to maintain mental focus when investigating the mystery. The program also teaches them persistence – not to give up until the mystery is solved.

The Creature of Kapu Cave is ideal for children who love mysteries and would keep them occupied for hours during the holiday season.


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