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Leather and Steel Pen Clip for your Notebook

The other day I reviewed some pretty low key and somewhat disposable pen loops for your notebook.  That set me out looking for a nicer alternative, and I found these leather and steel pen clips (buy via Amazon) that came as a pair in a nice little black velvet pouch.

As you would imagine, the metal clip slips onto the back cover (or front, you weirdo) of your notebook and the pen slips into the leather loop.  Now being leather there is a very minimal amount of expansion that you will get so there is a limit to how large of a pen you can get in there.  The largest I was able to fit in there was a standard Sharpie marker, but keep in mind pens with a rubber grip will be much harder to get in because of the amount of friction it creates with the leather loop.

On the smaller side I was happy to see that my Blackwing Volumes 56 pencil in the Leather and Steel Pen Clip.  It had a slight bit of play but again the friction from the leather seems to do a pretty good job of keeping it in place and not letting it slip out.  One thing to note too, this won’t cause too much of a bulge in your notebook as long as you keep the rivets the hold the leather to the steel out from under the notebook pages.  This makes your pen or pencil stick out a little further, but not a big deal at all in my opinion.

Overall the Leather and Steel Pen Clip pair held a variety of pens and pencils snugly and they latched onto some thicker and thinner notebooks like a Rhodia Webbie and a Black n’ Red brand, so as simple as it seems, these do a great job and look great doing it.  Hard to say much more about them other than that they come in a few different color options too, so check them out on Amazon and grab a pair to enhance your notebooks.

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