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Leather Pen Holders by Quiver for Your Notebook


Dual (left) and Single (right) Quiver Pen Holders for your Notebook

There are many different pen holders and attachments for notebooks out there to hold your pens, however I think the Quiver Leather Pen Holders might be the nicest and most nice fitting that I have seen to date.  Also, just for the record, these were sent over to me courtesy of the manufacturer, but as always the review remains completely impartial.


Quiver Leather Pen Holder Logo and Close Up

Upon receiving these leather pen holders for my notebooks, I was instantly impressed at the high quality of the handiwork and the materials used to create these fantastic pen holders.  The leather has that great leather smell, and you can tell that these were put together with care and using only high quality materials.


Quiver Leather Pen Holder Elastic

The next photo above shows the back side and inside of each of the leather notebook pen holders so you can see how they attach to the cover of your notebook.  The elastic on each version is quite strong, and affixed to the leather in a way that looks like you wont have any issues with it coming loose.


Quiver Single Pen Holder Affixed

Next you can see how the pen holder slips over the hard cover of the notebook to give it a snug fit.  The back cover looks exactly the same when the pen holder is completely attached.  Sliding the pen holder over both covers is slightly tight, however it was not an issue at all to get it on there.  I will caution however that it probably wouldn’t be best to use these on any notebook that has a particularly soft cover, the hard cover gives the elastic the support that it needs to stay on the notebook without warping the cover.


Quiver Single Pen Holder on Rhodia

Now that it is finally attached, here is a look at the final product with pen inserted.  In my set up here, I have the Quiver Pen Holder attached to my Rhodia Web Notebook with my Stainless Steel  Lamy Studio tucked inside the Quiver.  The Studio fit nicely inside the pen holder, it took just enough effort to slide in that I knew it wouldn’t slide back out on its own, I felt confidently that it was snugly tucked in there.


Quiver Single Pen Holder Spine View

The next photo shows the Quiver pen holder from the spine view to give you a better idea how the pen lays when inserted.  I also noticed that with thicker pens, it is much easier to slide the pen in while you have the notebook slightly open.  The open notebook provides a bit of space between the spine of the book and the opening of the pen holder instead of having the leather tight against the spine with no extra space to stretch the leather for larger pens.


Quiver Single Pen Holder Closed with a TWSBI Inserted

I’ve included the next photo for two different reasons.  First, although it is hard to tell, the pen inside the slot in this case is the TWSBI Fountain Pen because I wanted to test one of my largest pens to see how it fit.  The Quiver had no problem handling the TWSBI, although it did require using the method of opening the notebook slightly to slide it in.  The other reason for this photograph was just to show that with it secured to the front and back cover, the notebook closes nicely using the elastic closure


Quiver Dual Pen Holder on the Rhodia Webbie with Lamy Studio and TWSBI Fountain Pens

Unfortunately I don’t have an orange cover Rhodia Web Notebook (which is odd because I really like all things orange) so hopefully the black leather on the black cover is not too hard to see in these photographs.  This version is the dual pen holder, and I’ve got my Lamy Studio and TWSBI fountain pens tucked in there.  Considering that these are two fairly large pens, I was surprised at how nicely they fit in there while not requiring a ton of force.


Quiver Dual Pen Holder Affixed to Front Cover

This version of the leather pen holder was also slightly easier to install, simply because it only requires that you slip it over the front cover.  Again, the elastic here is pretty sturdy and tight, so I would not suggest putting this on a notebook with a soft cover as it would probably be a little too tight and cause the cover to bend some.


Quiver Dual Pen Holder Closed

The last photo again shows the notebook, this time with the dual pen holder attached and you can see that with the notebooks elastic strap secure around it, the notebook still closes nicely.  Although I am a big fan of the contrast that the black on orange cover that you would probably get with the other Rhodia notebooks, I also think there is something to be said for how subtle and almost unnoticeable the black on black looks.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to try these out, and I highly recommend them based on my experiences so far.  The quality is fantastic, and I love how they fit so nicely while still retaining the minimalistic lines of the notebooks.  You can find them over on the Quiver Pen Holder site, where they have all of the sizes and colors for you to look at and order.  A big thanks again to the manufacturer for sending these over, they really are one of the best pen holders you are likely to find for any of your notebooks.

UPDATE: Here is a quick photo to answer the question below in the comments about if the Single Quiver pen holder lets our notebook like flat.  The notebook pictured below lies mostly flat without the pen holder, so it still stays fairly open with the holder on it.  For the record there is no pen in the holder in the picture below, I am assuming that the question assumed no pen in the holder since the notebook would be in the open position and ready to write…presumable with pen in hand, not in the Quiver.


Single Quiver with Notebook Open

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