Legitimate Data Entry Jobs from Home


Authored by Mary Lamphere in Careers and Employment
Published on 12-21-2009

Working at home affords thousands of Americans the independence to maintain work, home and life schedules.  The unfortunate side that plagues many Americans who make the decision to work at home is that often times it can be extremely difficult–and sometimes costly–to find a legitimate work at home career.  A quick search in the search engines online shows that data entry jobs at home are all over the place–but how do you find a legitimate data entry job from home?  The following companies offer legitimate (paying) data entry jobs that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

FlexJobs Data Entry at Home

Probably one of the most legitimate and talked about data entry jobs that you can find online is located at FlexJobs.com.  FlexJobs is a company that offers thousands of different work at home careers to choose from and they are all 100% legit.  You have to be a member of FlexJobs in order to get work but once you are a member working for FlexJobs is simple.  To become a FlexJobs member the site does require a membership fee of almost $15 per month but this is a very low fee to pay for the freedom to choose your jobs and to work at home!

Career Builder Data Entry Jobs at Home

While it’s not always easy to find legitimate data entry jobs on sites like Career Builder, you can sometimes find some pretty good options here.  The nice thing about Career Builder is that the site is updated often and there are thousands and thousands of jobs to apply to.  Many of the data entry jobs listed on Career Builder will actually require you to go to an office but these days a lot of companies are trying to outsource tasks such as data entry so that they can save money on office space and additional overhead that is associated with hiring data entry workers outside of the home.  Career Builder is a good starting point to find additional prospects for legitimate data entry jobs at home.

Additional Freelance Writing Jobs

If you like data entry and you have honed in on some super fast typing skills then freelance writing may be a better and higher paying option to consider.  There are many freelance writing sites on the web that will pay writers for articles based on the quality, content, and its traffic.  Additionally, freelance writing can be turned into a legitimate way to make money at home via blogging, internet marketing and other venues.  Many companies will pay high dollar for writers to create unique content for their sites on the web.

Some sites that offer payment for freelance writing online include EduBook, Associated Content, EHow, and Examiner.  While none of these sites will likely get you rich–and you definitely will have to work–they can be used together to further your writing skills, hone in on your internet marketing skills, and further your work at home abilities to a point at which you will be able to pay your bills and have a bit of extra money if you work hard enough.  Legitimate work at home jobs such as data entry, freelance writing or internet marketing all take dedication, drive and time before you really start to see the rewards–and the pay!


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