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LEGO Moleskine Limited Edition Notebooks


LEGO Moleskine Covers

A few months ago the new Limited Edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks appeared on Amazon, and much like the other (Snoopy, PacMan, and Star Wars) limited edition Moleskine notebooks, I couldn’t resist ordering a few for myself.


Lego Moleskine Front Covers with Bricks

These are the first Limited Edition Moleskine notebooks that actually have a product (a LEGO brick) attached to them.  As you can see the LEGO brick is stuck flat to the hard notebook cover on both of these, although it is harder to see on the black version.  In addition to the front cover having an actual Lego brick, they also have color coordinated pictures of Lego-men printed on them.


LEGO Moleskine with Indy and Buzz

The cool thing about these LEGO Moleskine notebooks is that they gave this 35 year old with no kids a perfect excuse to buy an Indiana Jones LEGO Figure (Via Amazon) and a Buzz Lightyear (Via Amazon) LEGO Figure.  It probably isn’t the most practical thing in the world to have those two figures attached to my notebook, but you should also keep in mind that many flat LEGO pieces will fit on here as well, and without making it awkward to use your Moleskine.


LEGO Moleskine with Buzz in Plane and Indy

Here is a quick picture of what it looks like if you attach a mini LEGO plane piloted by Buzz Lightyear to the front cover, because I know you were wondering exactly what that would look like.


The LEGO Moleskine Inside Cover – “Think With Your Hands” LEGO Character and Brick Quote

On the inside cover of each LEGO Moleskine, there is a large colorful quote being built by LEGO figures with LEGO bricks that says “Think With Your Hands.”  On the opposite facing page you will still find the standard name and reward information to be populated but with one small exception…instead of having a “$” sign as the denomination for the reward, they leave a blank line with the word “bricks” after it so you can reward your journals finder with LEGO bricks instead of cash.  You will also notice that the bookmark ribbon in each LEGO Moleskine also matches the color of the LEGO brick on the front cover.


Lego Moleskine with Red Brick

Here is a quick picture of the LEGO Moleskine with a red brick instead of black or yellow.  You can see that the LEGO figures on the cover are also color coordinated, and although I didn’t take a picture of it, the bookmark ribbon in this one is red to match everything else as well.


LEGO Moleskine Stickers

Stored away in the back pocket of the LEGO Moleskine are two sheets of stickers.  One sheet contains stickers for 5 different LEGO figures, and the other contains 9 different LEGO block stickers labeled as follows:

  • my favorite
  • events
  • cool
  • must see
  • to read
  • fun
  • to remember
  • books
  • best

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how the labels should be used because they wont really fold over properly to make for tabs on the edges of your pages, which I think would have been a better idea for them.

These are definitely well done, and you can expect to see a LEGO Moleskine giveaway shortly, so don’t forget to check back for that…but if you are impatient, you can always check out Amazon and buy your own LEGO Moleskines now.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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