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Let shoes speak for you

  • By machinechina machinechina
  • Published 03/3/2011
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Believe it or not, people can tell what kind of person you are through the shoes you are wearing. Without doubt, shoes are one of most important fashion accessories in women’s wardrobe and the truth is many women turn out to be genuine shoes addicts who would spend every single penny buying the gorgeous footwear. The choice of shoes can reflect one’s preference and personality, thus it is no wonder that shoes can speak for you.If you always tend to wear bright colored shoes, people will know that you are an outgoing person who likes to be the center of focus. If you wear all kinds of sneakers all day long, you must be a person of casual style who is in pursuit of freedom. If you often appear in high heels, apparently, you are an elegant and ladylike woman. This is how our shoes get to tell the others a lot about ourselves and our personality.

Compared with women, things are less complicat

ed when it comes to men. Men would focus more on the practical aspect of shoes and always choose between two types, casual and formal. Though there are also a large variety of these two kinds, most people always stick to those classic styles. Sport shoes in a person symbolize his or her active way of being. Women’s preferences in shoes are more sophisticated and they enjoy a greater variety of foot wear. Females who need to walk a lot or have a busy life usually choose shoes with low heels or ballet flats. However, if their jobs require an impeccable appearance, stiletto and peep-toed pump shoes are a good choice.Regardless of the occasions and lifestyle, shoes can tell more about us through other aspects, such as the materials and the way we maintain them. If we prefer classical leather shoes, then we are definitely people with strong opinions and stability. Also the ones who prefer substitutes for leather are more open minded and they usually have a more adventurous life.



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