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Letts Noteletts Edge L5 Review

With all the fuss over Moleskine notebooks, its easy for some very similar yet better quality notebooks to get overlooked.  This Letts Noteletts Edge L5 notebook (via Amazon) is a perfect example of that unfortunate phenomenon.

The Letts Noteletts Edge notebook comes in a ton of colors with soft flexible covers and, has a lay flat binding holding together the 192 pages of ivory colored pages with gray rulings.

The pocket inside the back cover has a nice little extra feature which is a thin loop of 1/8″ satin ribbon to help you pull the pocket open.  I know that I’ve definitely had issues with opening other similar pockets on notebooks that don’t have this tab, so its a very welcome feature from my perspective.

The branding on the Letts Noteletts Edge notebook is about as minimal as it can get.  The embossed lettering is found on the back lower right hand corner of the notebook’s faux leather cover.

Letts Noteletts Edge Writing Samples:

Writing in the Letts Noteletts Edge notebook with a variety of pens proved to be a pretty nice experience all around.  The Sharpie Pen, Jetstream, Pilot Precise V5, Pilot G2, TWSBI Diamond 580 and Pentel Finito all laid down consistent lines with no fuss had a smooth interaction with their respective tips/nibs and the paper in this notebook.  The Pilot Vanishing Point with an EF nib was the only pen that wasn’t incredibly smooth due to its very fine nib, and although there was some toothy feedback it was still a pleasant writing experience.

This closer look at the same page above (click on the picture for an even closer look) shows that with a keen eye you can pick up some feathering with a few of the pens and inks.  The Pentel Finito, and the two fountain pens were probably the only really noticeable offenders in the feathering category, but in the case of the fountain pens it’s more a characteristic of those particular inks than the nibs on the pens.

None of the inks tested in the Letts Noteletts Edge notebook bled through to the next page, but as you can see above there was definitely some show through on the back of the pages that were written on.  Each of the pens tested were offenders in this category with the least notable being the Uniball Jetstream.

Overall if you are a fan of Moleskine notebooks I’d say you might be pleasantly surprised by the Letts Noteletts Edge (via Amazon in a variety of colors) due to the quality construction, better performance, and nice little extras like that ribbon tab and date space on each page.

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