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Levenger 2009 Junior Size Daily Planner and Calendar

A few weeks ago I had to start figuring out what I would do in terms of a calendar or planner for next year, so naturally I found that my first instinct was to head over to the Levenger site and poke around. After spending some time there and at a few other sites I decided that for 2009 I will be using a Levenger Circa Junior Size Daily Planner and Calendar. The layout is pretty simple, yet it offers plenty of space for all of my needs, even in the smaller junior size of 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. The flexibility of the Circa system makes it quick and simple to take these calendar pages out as needed and put them into my larger letter size Levenger notebook if I know I am going to be traveling and only want to bring a few days worth of pages instead of the entire planner.

This is a “one page per day” style planner, but technically there are two pages I guess. The first three pages of the calendar contain a one page view of 2008, 2009, and 2010 in a monthly format. On the left side of each daily page you have a nicely laid out 7AM to 7PM (in 1/2 hour increments) scheduler, with a notes section below it that has 7 lines for you to work with. On the right side of each daily page, there is a full page “Things To Do” checklist with 24 blank spaces for your entries. Below this you will find another notes section with 7 blank lines, identical to the previous page. If you continue reading this post on the next page, there are some pictures of the calendar pages.



The calendar pages are sold in quarterly packages from Levenger, and they are the same quality as the rest of their notebook paper. It is also worth noting that on the packaging of the paper, it is clearly indicated that it is “Fountain Pen Friendly” and I have done my own testing to determine that there is hardly any bleed through when using a Fountain Pen with this paper.


In addition to just the calendar pages, I think it is probably fairly clear that I’m using some sort of cover to hold this all together, so I will post a separate review of the cover, and also of the nice wood stand that I recently purchased to go with it.

Of course if you are not interested in shelling out money for a fancy Levenger planner, you could always go the simple route and pick up the Amazon.com best selling Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar…or in the interest of being unbiased and offering fair time to both sides, there is also 2009 Barack Obama wall calendar: Words of Hope and Inspiration. For the record, I will not be buying either of these. 🙂

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