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Levenger 3×5 Index Cards Reviewed


Sample Pack of Levenger 3×5 Index Cards

A few days ago I wrote about the new Moleskine Index Cards, and they got a lot of feedback, so I thought it would be a good time to share these Levenger 3×5 Index Cards while still had index cards on the mind.  This set of index cards is from Levenger’s sampler pack, so keep in mind they have plenty of other options too including customized ones that you can get your name, contact info, or anything else printed on.


Levenger 3×5 Index Card Samples

The sample pack of these Levenger 3×5 Index Cards come in a pack of 75, and you get 25 with straight ruled lines, 25 with grids, and 25 with large windows.  They are made from a nice sturdy grade of bright white card stock with the same light grey lines found on the Levenger Circa paper, personally I really like the light grey rule marks because they are so subtle.  I think these cards are made from a card stock that is just a shade lighter than the Moleskine version, but they are still pretty sturdy nonetheless.  Each index card has a 1″ margin at the top, with 1/8″ margins around the ruled, grid, and window formats.  Each of the three different formats are printed on both sides of each card, and there is no show through on any of the printing.


Levenger 3×5 Index Card Writing Samples

I did a few different writing samples on the 3 different formats of Levenger 3×5 Index Cards, and all of the inks that I used performed pretty well.  The first one you see on the left is the ruled version written with a Sharpie Pen, which performed very well, there was no bleeding or feathering, and it wrote very smoothly.  In the center you have the gridded version of the index card written out with a Zebra Sharbo X gel ink, and this was probably my favorite one to write on the cards with.  On the left you have the window format which I wrote on with my Lamy Studio with EF nib and Private Reserve ink, which again wrote very nicely with no feathering or show through.  These Levenger 3×5 index cards perform very well with a variety of writing tools, so they should definitely be a consideration if you are looking for some good index cards and not just some cheap low quality and mass-produced option.

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