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Levenger Circa Clincher Disc Review Storage for your Pen or Pencil


1 1/2″ Levenger Circa Clincher Discs

I was pretty excited when I saw these Levenger Circa Clincher Discs a few months ago.  I thought it was the perfect idea for storing your pen or pencil in your Circa Notebook if you didn’t like to use (or didn’t have) a pen loop on your Circa cover.  For those of you not familiar with the Levenger Circa Notebooks, I highly recommend that you check them out, you can see my Circa Notebook review to find out more about them.


Levenger Circa Clincher Discs with no Pen

The Circa Clincher Discs come in the 1 1/2″ size in packs of 11 and are currently selling for $22.  After I got them and assembled a new notebook with them, I quickly realized that 11 of these discs will actually be enough for two notebooks.  You really only need to use the first four or five spaces in your Circa Notebook for the Clincher Discs because your pen is not going to need to slide all the way though the entire length of the spine of discs.


Circa Clincher Discs With Sharpie Pen

The pen that I chose for the picture above was one of my Sharpie Pens,  which worked out fairly well.  My only issue with it was that I needed to be careful with how far I slid it in because the plastic body and the rubber inside the rings really hold onto each other, and since the end with the cap is sticking out, you can easily end up removing the cap before you actually remove the pen from the rings.  The pen and pencil that I found worked best with the Circa Clincher Discs were my Uniball Kuru Toga High Grade, and my Zebra Sharbo X.  I think these work best because they are metal and they have no cap.  I found that the metal bodies of the pens slid in and out of the rubber flanges in the discs better.  This is probably because of their slightly more glossy finish and the fact that they don’t have a cap gives you a more firm place to hold onto when you remove it.

I think these discs are a great idea with one minor flaw.  They aren’t quite perfect because you need to be pretty selective with the pens or pencils you use with them.  With that said though, as long as you are aware of the few minor limitations, these do really serve as a great accessory to your Levenger Circa Notebook for some added functionality.  I think they are probably best suited for the plastic covers since they do not have the pen loops that most of the other notebook covers do have.  Go grab a set of the Levenger Circa Clincher Discs for yourself though and try them out.

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