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Levenger Circa Reviews. Find all of our most recent Levenger Circa Notebook and Accessory reviews incuding different circa discs, circa covers, circa refills, and circa accessories


I’ve done plenty of reviews of Levenger Circa stuff and it never gets old because I absolutely love their notebooks.  The quality and design are always top notch, so when I saw this new Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover (via Levenger) I knew I had to have it.  Keep in mind that if you order one of these it comes with black plastic discs not the sliver aluminum ones you see in my pictures here.  Between the silver discs and the light grey stitching I really … [Read more…]


I had my eye on the Levenger Lapreader a while ago, but completely forgot about it until I saw it on sale over at the Levenger site.  I think the sale ended yesterday, so sorry for not getting this posted earlier but I thought it was definitely still worth a review. … [Read more…]


A dark cloud looms over the landscape for those of you, who like myself love their Rhodia refills for your Circa notebooks.  I just recently saw that the product has been moved to an “Outlet” item, which I suspect means that once it’s sold out, it’s gone for good.  I stocked up and grabbed 3 packs which gives me 900 sheets plus the 150 or so I had left already.  So I’ve got about 1000 pages of enjoyment left…unless I break down and buy more of this … [Read more…]


  I’m a little bit late in the calendar buying season, but I wanted to get this review out there since I’ve noticed some surprising feedback on the Levenger website where they share customer reviews on the 2013 Circa Planner Pages. … [Read more…]


Update: It looks like this item has been discontinued by Levenger The Circa Balanced Life Stepped Project Notebook caught my attention recently when I was looking through some of the new products on the Levenger site.  You will see why the unique format for this notebook can be a life saver for people with multiple lists, projects, or contacts they are working with.  Lucky for me the kind folks at Levenger sent over a complimentary sample of the Stepped … [Read more…]


Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be able to review the new aluminum Levenger Circa discs because I had long been lamenting the fact that the old nickel discs were discontinued.  Recently I went back to browse around the Levenger site, and was surprised to see that they now offered the 1″ aluminum circa discs in blue and other colors.  Besides the blue version that you see above, they also come in green, purple, red, and the original silver color now. … [Read more…]


I’ve been hearing rumors about new Levenger Circa with Rhodia Paper for quite a while now.  When I finally saw it on the Levenger website, it was like a dream come.  I’ve been a faithful user of my Levenger Annotation Ruled Paper in both my letter sized and junior sized Circa notebooks and my daily planner.  I’ve also been enamored with the incredibly high quality of the 90g paper found in the Rhodia Webnotebooks.  Luckily we now live in a world where both … [Read more…]


Its no secret that I think that Levenger makes some really cool office supplies, so in this post I wanted to review how I put some of them to use for storage.  You have already seen me review the Junior size Levenger Circa Bomber Jacket as a daily planner , but in this review Ill go one step further and explain how I use some other Levenger items to further organize my daily planner pages. … [Read more…]


A few days ago I posted a review and went on and on about how great I thought the Levenger Circa Nickel Discs were, and how I was sorry to see that Levenger had discontinued them.  I knew that Levenger had discontinued them, but I was hoping that somehow they might reconsider and make them again, and also make them in the larger 1″ size.  I pretty much knew it was not likely, however I felt like I had a forum to voice my opinion, so I should do it. To … [Read more…]


I can clearly remember the first time I got a Levenger Catalog, and saw the Levenger Page Points, (now called Levenger Page Nibs via Amazon and Levenger) and I thought to myself “Wow, $10 for some fancy bookmarks? That’s crazy!” I shortly forgot about them and went on with my business of shopping for accessories for my Circa notebook and who knows what else. It was not until a few weeks later that I realized how short sighted I was being.  In this post I … [Read more…]


My third and final post (read part 1 and part 2 here) in my review of products that I am hoping will help me to be more organized is on the Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand that is designed to hold the Levenger Junior Size Circa Notebook, which I am using to keep my daily planner in for 2009. As with all of the other Levenger products that I have purchased, I was impressed with the quality of materials and craftsmanship upon my initial inspection of this … [Read more…]


My previous post detailed the Levenger Circa 2009 Daily Planner Refills that I am using to improve my organizational skills this year. Today I wanted to focus on the actual leather portfolio that I am keeping those calendar pages in, or as Levenger calls it, the Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook. The junior size notebooks from Levenger measure 6 1/2″W x 1/2″D x 8 3/4″H. The measurement depends on the size rings that you decide to use with it, but … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago I had to start figuring out what I would do in terms of a calendar or planner for next year, so naturally I found that my first instinct was to head over to the Levenger site and poke around. After spending some time there and at a few other sites I decided that for 2009 I will be using a Levenger Circa Junior Size Daily Planner and Calendar. The layout is pretty simple, yet it offers plenty of space for all of my needs, even in the smaller … [Read more…]


This is the 2nd part of a 2 part review on the Levenger Circa Bookcloth Notebook. I will attempt to answer some questions that I received regarding the first post, however the main objective of this post will be to review the functionality of the notebook itself. In addition to posting individual pictures with this post, I am trying a quick video to show the notebook in action. First let me start with a quick overview of the pricing for both the … [Read more…]


Part 1 of this Levenger Circa Bookcloth Notebook review will consist of my initial thoughts on the notebook itself, I will focus on the actual functionality in the second part of the review. For my first review I wanted to start with the item that was probably most responsible for my recent re-obsession with pens, notebooks, desk accessories, and other office supplies.   After a long period of being unimpressed with the available notebooks and journals … [Read more…]

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