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Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets Review


Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid and Ruled Sheets

The other day when the nice folks from Levenger sent over the new standard 90g Circa paper for me to try out, they also included some sample packs of the Circa Shaded Annotation Grid and Regular Ruled 100g paper for me to test out and share with you.  In the photo above, the package in front is the Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets with green shading, and behind it is the regular ruled paper with blue shading.


Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Writing Sample

I had a hard time with the scans for the writing sample on this paper because the shading didn’t show up well in the scan, but I was able to capture it a bit better with a regular picture as you can see above.  The 100g Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid Sheets paper is very smooth to write on, and almost soft to the touch when you put your pen down on it.  In my writing sample I used my Lamy Studio with an EF nib, and filled with Noodler’s Bernanke Blue ink.  I went with the Bernanke Blue ink because on most papers it tends to cause a bit of show through, so I figured in a test of some 100g paper it would be a good idea to use something that I knew had the potential to be a problem.  With the Levenger 100g shaded annotation paper, there was absolutely no show-through of the ink which was very impressive.  I did get some VERY minor hints of feathering, but certainly not enough to notice without really getting up close and looking for it.

Writing in the shaded column on the left definitely provides a nice bit of contrast depending on the ink that you use, but I did notice a very slight increase in dry time on the shaded part even with the quick drying Noodler’s Bernanke Blue ink.  The Levenger Circa Shaded Annotation Grid 100g sheets did not seem to perform any differently once placed into my notebook, they turned smoothly and with no hitches on my aluminum discs.  Overall I think these Shaded Annotation Ruled Circa Refills are a great way to add some color to your notes while also making sure that even the most temperamental of fountain pen inks wont show through to the other side.

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