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Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Stay Organized


Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Cover

I was a little slow in getting around to my review of the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda (via Levenger) because I was toying around with how I was actually going to use the new format.  You can also grab one here via Amazon with cheaper shipping if you are a Prime member.


Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Monthly Planning

I’ve been using the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda for planning what we need to do here with the blog and reviews as well as some basic stuff that I need to get done at home.  For some reason it seems I’m more organized and productive in analog formats at home, and a mix of digital and analog at work.  Anyway, the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda has a nice two page and tabbed monthly calendar for each month that help me get a good visual for what my month looks like.  I plug in the reviews we plan on doing here, as well as some other basics like exercising, grocery shopping and some organizational tasks so I can see the big picture.  I’m of course doing it all in pencil because this visual representation helps me to see how things can be better arranged to be more efficient, so there is a lot of erasing that goes on.  One thing I like about the paper is that with my Uniball Kuru Toga, the eraser doesnt destroy the paper and even the shaded areas don’t turn white after you’ve erased over them.  In addition to being eraser friendly, the 100g paper also did well with a fountain pen when I first started using it.  There was definitely no feathering or show though, but I eventually converted to pencil because it was just more practical.


Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Weekly Pages Planning

Once I sort out what I want things to look like for the month, I transfer those into the nice weekly planner pages that follow the monthly pages.  The left page for each week shows a good sized box with 9 lines for writing tasks or notes for that particular day.  Each of the days, even weekends are all of the same size which is nice, I’m not a big fan of when they make the Saturday and Sunday boxes smaller.  The right side of the page has a “Weekly to Do” section on the left half and a “Weekly Goals” section on the right half.  I’m definitely using the Weekly to Do section for a running list of reminders that I need to take care of which aren’t necessarily things that need to be completed on a particular day.  I just have the list there for reference and when I have some down time I read through to see what I can take care of and check off the list.  I have not really come up with an ideal use for the “Weekly Goals” section, but I may use it as a place to write down exercise goals.  Doing this definitely serves as a little bit of extra motivation to go exercise so I can cross one more thing off my list, or check it off…whichever.

There is a bottom portion of the page too that is just for notes.  So far I’ve found myself adding some extra details to align with the “Weekly to Do” items.  For example, one weekly to do was to update my phone app where I store all of my passwords, so I took to using the below notes section to identify all of the new sites that I’ve recently signed up for where I need to document the user name and password.  Trying to add this info to the “Weekly to Do” list would have been way too crowded.


Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Title Page

You may have noticed after the first photo, the cover changed on our Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda.  I was wanting to try out the new Levenger Circa Sliver Foldover cover so I splurged a little and grabbed one in black.  They are noticeably thicker than the standard translucent covers, but are still flexible and have a nice grain-like textured pattern to give it a bit of a grippy feeling.  We also took the stock 1 inch discs that came with the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda and scaled down to the 1/2 inch discs to make the whole thing a little less bulky to have around.  Obviously with the smaller discs we also pared down the pages on there and made it into a quarterly planner, leaving the balance on the pages on the original 1 inch discs.


Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda with Sliver Personalized Cover

This was also the first Levenger item that I ever had personalized, when I purchased this during the holiday season, I picked it up with a 25% discount off on the entire order so I figured I’d splurge and get my name put on the cover too.  It came out very clean and neat, although I guess black on black is not exactly the most visually contrasting way to have done this.  I’m thinking the red cover would have probably been the best for this option.  It looks like the personalization is always the same color as the cover itself, but I think the red is at least bright enough to catch some of the shadows created in the crevices of each letter.

I’m really happy with the visual appeal and layout of my new Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda and Sliver foldover cover.  You really cant go wrong with just the Levenger Circa smartPlanner at 50% off while you still have 11 months left to use it.  Head on over to Levenger to grab one for yourself or you can grab one via Amazon even cheaper and get your organizational needs in check with the Levenger Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda, you won’t regret it.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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