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Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover for Your Tablet


The Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover for Side View

Back when they were having some great holiday sales, I picked up this new Letter Size Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover (discontinued but still available on the eBay Levenger Outlet Store) to have somewhere for my table and analog notes.  If you aren’t familiar with Levenger terminology, Letter Size means that it measures 9.875 inches by 11.375 inches and is therefore big enough for a full size sheet of paper. So far this has been a great way to boost my productivity by having pen, paper, and tablet with me at all times.  I’ll explain that one day in a future post because it is too much to get into here.


Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover for Your Tablet – Flap Open

One quick thing to note before we go much further is that these are not the standard discs that come with the Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover.  It comes with the usual .75 inch black plastic discs, however I wanted to give mine some contrast with my old nickle plated circa discs.  On the inside of the open flap in the above photo, you can see two circles on each end which are the magnets that help keep your tablet secure inside the cover of your notebook.  Its hard to convey in writing how soft the inside of that flap and the whole pocket are, but take my word for it that it is super soft in there.  You won’t have to worry about scratching up your fancy tablet inside the pocket.


Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover with Tablet

Slipping the tablet into the front pocket is pretty easy as it opens up pretty wide with its super soft inside lining.  For reference, the tablet shown in the photos is my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that I’ve had for a while now, its not the fancy new version.  Once the tablet is secure inside of the pocket, carrying or holding the entire notebook is a little more of a bulky experience as compared to a standard Circa Foldover.  I can’t complain about the added bulk because with this item its to be expected, and just having my tablet with me at all times is definitely a game changer for keeping organized.


Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover for Your Tablet Inside Cover

As with all of their other similar notebooks, the Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover has three pockets on the inside front cover.  These can easily hold things such as envelopes, index cards, or other various sizes of documents.  You won’t want to stuff them full though as with this version of a Circa Notebook you will probably want to go the minimalist route on extra paper inside.


Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Foldover for Tablet on Top

Overall I’ve really found it to be such a more productive and enjoyable experience to have my tablet and notes all together in one package.  Since I tend to hand-write most meeting notes when I’m not at my desk and then document them electronically via Microsoft OneNote, this gives me the best of both worlds.  If you are looking for a way to combine the worlds of electronic note taking with old fashioned pen and paper note taking, or just want somewhere nice to keep your tablet and notes together, the Levenger Circa Tech Pocket Folder is a must have.  It has all of the great functionality and quality that you have come to expect from the Levenger Circa product line.  Again, since this is a discontinued product, your best bet it to check the Levenger eBay Outlet to see if they have any left.

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