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Levenger Circa Week's End Weekend Planner Refills


Levenger Circa Week’s End Refill

It’s been a while since I did some shopping at Levenger, so these Levenger Circa Week’s End Notebook Refills (via Levenger) were new to me and I wanted to grab some to see if they would help me plan a bit better for the weekends.


Levenger Circa Week’s End Refill Writing Sample

Overall the Levenger Circa Week’s End refill is pretty simple concept, take Saturday and Sunday and put them into their own calendar and organizing tool.  The first thing I noticed about the layout kind of took me by surprise since I’m not a morning person.  The first line item for both Saturday and Sunday starts at 6AM, now I don’t know about you and maybe I’m lazy, but IF I find myself awake at 6AM on a weekend like this, its probably a mistake and I’ve got one plan: Go Back to Sleep!  Anyway, forgetting about my laziness, here are all of the sections available on the junior size Circa Week’s End Refill:

  • Saturday and Sunday – Blank lines to fill in the date, along with 13 blank lines to fill in important events during the day.  Recurring markings are placed for 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, Noon, 6PM, and 9PM.
  • Activities/Events – Four and a half blank lines to fill in anything you want.
  • To Do List – Line items for up to 7 tasks with small boxes on the left to number or prioritize your tasks, and a check box on the right to mark them complete.
  • Weekend Notes – Small blank box for free form writing or drawing, interesting that its unlined.
  • Shopping List – Ruled lines for up to 9 items on your shopping list, I’m not a big grocery shopper so this is a good length for me.  I often by the same stuff over and over so I don’t need a list for those things, this list is probably better for the few times I have something different I need to remember to pick up at the store.

So far I’ve only been using a fountain pen on the paper.  The sample you see above was done with my Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann and Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Ink.  The paper handles the ink very well on the front, with no real feathering or spreading, however on the back there is a slight bit of show through.  The show through is actually not too bad, considering I usually have a low tolerance for it.  I’ll probably switch to using one of my trusty JetStream multi pens or a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil though for the additional color coding and/or erasable benefits and the complete reduction of any show through.

I’m not sure why, but unlike many other items from Levenger, these are not available on Amazon, but you can grab the Levenger Circa Week’s End Notebook Refills (via Levenger) in the junior size, letter size, and also in standard portrait instead of landscape as shown in this review.

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