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Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand for Circa Notebooks


Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand

My third and final post (read part 1 and part 2 here) in my review of products that I am hoping will help me to be more organized is on the Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand that is designed to hold the Levenger Junior Size Circa Notebook, which I am using to keep my daily planner in for 2009. As with all of the other Levenger products that I have purchased, I was impressed with the quality of materials and craftsmanship upon my initial inspection of this item.

The Cubi Agenda Stand comes in either Dark Cherry or Natural Cherry finishes, the one I am reviewing here is the Dark Cherry version. The stand has a small drawer that sits underneath it, which is covered on the front with a black leather inlay. The dimensions of the stand are as follows, for the interior of the drawer it measures 10 3/4″W x 8″D x 1″H and the unit as a whole measures 12 1/4″W x 9″D x 2 1/2″H. The top of the stand is hinged and tilts up so that you can keep your daily planner at a good viewing and writing angle. In the photo below, you can see the stand as it sits raised in one of 3 possible angles. Please note that the scratch you see in the photo was caused by me, and was not shipped from Levenger like that.


Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand Rear View

The drawer on the Cubi Agenda Stand is designed to hold some extra junior size circa pages or other accessories as you can see in the following picture. At most, you can hold two of the quarterly daily planner pages packets, or you can hold a junior size planner in there assuming it is not too thickly stuffed with pages. For my purposes I am just keeping some blank annotated layout pages, the packet for the next quarter of daily pages, my Lamy Studio (Studio review here) and some other smaller accessories like some Levenger Page Points.


Levenger Cubi Agenda Stand Drawer and Accessories

I have to say that this item is not absolutely essential in being able to keep my calendar in order for 2009, however it is such a nice looking stand, and the storage space provided by the drawer really make it something that I felt enhanced my surroundings. As I said in my About Me section, being in the financial services and insurance industry, there is a certain amount of boredom that I must overcome, and this stand is one of those extra “nice to have” items that makes the day a little less boring at my desk. If I could change one thing about the Cubi Agenda Stand, it would be to make the whole thing slightly larger so I could also hold some extra pages for my letter size circa notebook. It seems that the extra 1″ or so that it would have taken in depth and width would have been well worth it so I would have somewhere to store all of my extra Levenger accessories. Hopefully Steve Leveen or someone in charge of product development at Levenger is listening. 🙂

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year, and I look forward to having you back to visit in 2009. Feel free to subscribe via email so you dont miss any of my long winded reviews that help me to justify spending too much of my money on office supplies. 🙂

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