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Levenger Sliver Personalized Update

One of the reasons I don’t mind spending money with Levenger (besides the obviously very cool and high quality products they offer) is that their customer service is second to none in my opinion.  Last week we reviewed the Levenger Circa Sliver notebook with a personalized cover.  One minor issue I had with the item was that my name that was embossed on the cover was a bit sloppy.  As you can see above, that issue has been completely resolved, and without me even having to lift a finger or open my wallet thanks to Regina and the awesome folks at the Levenger Customer Service department.


Levenger Sliver Personalized Cover Comparisons (left – old / right – new and improved)

Within a few hours of the original review going live here, I was contacted by the Levenger Customer Service folks to let me know that a new notebook with the fixed personalization was already on the way.  Now to be completely honest I understand that part of having a public blog means that things like this will happen from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a blog you cant get great customer service.  I’ve seen the Levenger Customer Service team respond to plenty of other folks via social media like Twitter and Facebook to address product issues that they have had in the past.  Thanks to the Levenger Customer Service team and @SteveLeveen for recognizing the value of not just “good” customer service, but top notch customer service that all organizations should strive to provide.

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