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Levenger Daily Planner Archiving Method


Using different size Levenger Circa discs and covers to archive with

Its no secret that I think that Levenger makes some really cool office supplies, so in this post I wanted to review how I put some of them to use for storage.  You have already seen me review the Junior size Levenger Circa Bomber Jacket as a daily planner , but in this review Ill go one step further and explain how I use some other Levenger items to further organize my daily planner pages.


Comparison of the Levenger Circa Daily Planner, and my archived daily pages

The first two photos you see in this post are an attempt at showing the drastic size difference between the Levenger Circa Extra Large and Medium size discs.  As with any daily planner, there are a lot of individual pages that you need to store somewhere, whether they are the new unused ones, or the old used ones…assuming you would want to hold on to them for a bit and not immediately toss them.  In my case I like to keep them around for at least a little while as a point of reference, which has come in handy from time to time at work.  In an effort to keep my daily planner thin, I only like to keep about 2 months worth of pages in it at any time, so this is where all of the extra Levenger accessories come in.  With this criteria in mind I picked up the 1 1/2″ Extra large discs, and a set of the junior size translucent covers and tabs.


Levenger translucent tab divider to separate past/future planner pages

In the photo above, the Circa notebook in the forefront is the archival version with extra large discs, on the left side are all of the pages for the days that have passed, and on the right side are the unused pages all separated by the translucent tabbed divider.  At the beginning of each week I simply take the  used pages for that week from my actual planner and move them to the left side of the archival version, and then take the new pages from the right side and put them in my planner.  It is a little bit tight, but breaking it out this way, you can put the other 10 or so months worth of daily pages in the translucent covers with the 1 1/2″ discs.  I keep this tucked away on a shelf at work, and I usually reference it 1-2 times a week.

I know this seems like a pretty simple task, and its not like it took an inordinate amount of creativity to come up with the process, however I think it does go to show how versatile and easy to use the Levenger products are, which is what makes them such great office supplies to keep organized with.

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