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Levenger Discounts on The Levenger eBay Store


Until recently I totally forgot that there is actually a Levenger eBay store where you can find some pretty nice Levenger discounts and sales.  Some of the items are regular auction style, while others are the simple and straightforward buy it now option.

If you are looking for discounts on stuff like the Levenger Circa notebooks and accessories, or even some really nice Levenger Pens, this is definitely the place to find them.  It is important to keep in mind that these Levenger discounts are on items that might have small issues with them.  You will definitely want to check out the descriptions and look at the pictures carefully for these items though.  The majority of what I have seen as the reason for the discounts on these Levenger items usually has to do with a missing or damaged package or gift box, or the items might have a minor scratch, dent or some other imperfection.  For the most part the minor imperfections don’t take much away from the items themselves, but the folks at levenger usually do a good job with adding appropriate photography of the items and related damage.  One other less frequent reason I see for items being discounted on the Levenger Outlet store on eBay is because they look like they are items that were customized with some sort of engraving or monogram.  To me those are the items I’d be least likely to pick up, unless somehow against all odds there was someone with my exact initials that returned something that I wanted.  I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than having that happen though.

Personally, I’d recommend bookmarking the Levenger eBay store in your browser and checking it before you buy anything from the actual Levenger site.  You never know what great Levenger discounts you can score for yourself there first.

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