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Levenger Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook Planner


Levenger Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook

My previous post detailed the Levenger Circa 2009 Daily Planner Refills that I am using to improve my organizational skills this year. Today I wanted to focus on the actual leather portfolio that I am keeping those calendar pages in, or as Levenger calls it, the Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook.

The junior size notebooks from Levenger measure 6 1/2″W x 1/2″D x 8 3/4″H. The measurement depends on the size rings that you decide to use with it, but the dimensions used here assume the standard 1/2″ discs that all Levenger notebooks come standard with. Other than the actual size of the notebook, the junior size has the same features and accessories that can be found with the letter size version which I did a two part post on here and here. The only real difference is the inside front cover, where the pocket sizes are smaller than the ones found in the letter size notebook. The following picture shows the inside pocket with a standard credit card or gift card placed inside so you can get an idea of how big it is. Obviously you will find that the larger pocket on this notebook is just shy of being 8 3/4″ high, since that is the height of the notebook itself.


Levenger junior size circa bomber jacket notebook pockets

The calendar template that I decided to use for my business planning this year is Levenger’s “page a day” version which they sell by the quarter, and they also happen to be on sale right now. In using these quarterly page a day sheets, you will quickly find that the junior size notebook comfortably holds just one quarters worth of pages, with a little room to spare. In my case I decided to put some of the blank Circa Annotation 1/4″ Ruled Refill Sheets at the end of my calendar pages for additional notes. In the picture below you can see that I am using one of the 5 subject page dividers to separate my calendar pages from my notes pages so I can easily flip to them.


Levenger Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook Notes Section

Overall I am very pleased with the Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook.   As with all of the other Levenger products that I have purchased, the quality is as good or better than any of the other products in this market space. For now, the only other thing that I am contemplating to go with this notebook are the Circa 3/4″ Nickels Discs because they are slightly larger so I would have more room, and I think that they would look really nice with the dark brown leather cover. I am holding off for now though because I have not seen any reviews of those discs yet, and I have heard some complaints about the other regular metal discs that are available from Levenger. If anyone out there has used the new nickle discs, I’d love to hear from you. My next review relating to the 2009 planning season will be for the wooden Cubi Agenda Stand that I purchased to go with my junior sized notebook.

Dont forget to check out the Levenger Daily Planner Pages I reviewed earlier.

Update: I picked up some of the Levenger Circa Nickel Discs to spruce up my notebook.

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