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Levenger Lap Reader


Levenger Lapreader with Padding

I had my eye on the Levenger Lapreader a while ago, but completely forgot about it until I saw it on sale over at the Levenger site.  I think the sale ended yesterday, so sorry for not getting this posted earlier but I thought it was definitely still worth a review.


Levenger Lapreader with Dell XPS 13

The great thing about the Levenger Lapreader is that it serves multiple purposes.  It measures 14″ wide by 12.5″ deep by 4″ high at the highest point.  It not only accommodates my Dell XPS 13″ laptop, but also holds a Levenger Junior Size Circa notebook and my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet on the surface making them all easier to use while lounging and being lazy on my couch.  In the first photo above, the triangular bottom cushion and the small cylindrical cushion are both shown in use, while in this photo right here shows the triangular cushion removed.  The surface of the Levenger Lapreader has several slots cut through the surface to aid in critical air circulation to keep your laptop cool.  Removing the triangular cushion makes it better for not only sitting on a hard flat surface, but it also helps keep the air flow unblocked if you are using it with a laptop.


Levenger Lapreader Cushion with Velcro

Here is a better look at the cushion and the Velcro on the bottom of the Lapreader.  Once the pad is affixed using the Velcro, it stays very well locked in place, and the strips on both the pad and the bamboo seem to be pretty well attached.


Levenger Lapreader with Junior Notebook in Back Slot

Besides using the main deck of the Levenger Lapreader (see the ventilation slots) the back side of it has a good size storage compartment as well as 4 pen holders.  The large slot in the back measures 9″ by 1″ by 2.75″ deep and can easily hold the Junior Size Circa notebook that lies on the deck nicely too.  The four pen holders are basically two slots on either side of the large notebook slot that are filled with foam and have two holes punched in them to let you slip your pens in there.


Levenger Lapreader with Junior Notebook

Here is another quick look at the Levenger Lapreader with the Junior Size Notebook opened on the surface, as well as having 4 pens in the pen holders.  The pen holders can hold something as large as the Levenger True Writer fountain pen and even a JetStream multi pen.  The only thing to be cautious of is that on pens like the JetStream that have a rubber grip and are on the larger side, you can end up pulling out the foam inserts if you aren’t careful.  Overall I’ve found the Levenger Lapreader to be really practical, very comfortable, and well constructed.  Its been great in terms of providing a more comfortable and flexible work environment for me anytime I use my laptop, notebook, or tablet so I would highly recommend checking it out over on the Levenger site.

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