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Levenger Metallic Clippies Review Fancy Binder Clips


Metal tin containing the Levenger Metallic Clippies. Like binder clips, but Levenger-ized.

Recently Steve Leveen, the CEO of Levenger sent out an email that had a link to my review of the Levenger Junior Size Circa Bomber Jacket Notebook – 2009 Planner, so I thought it would be nice to review another Levenger product since there might be some new readers here who are likely fans of Levenger products.  Levenger Clippies are basically a Levenger product that attempts to improve upon the basic binder clip, which as we saw recently there have been some improvements to.


The Levenger Metallic Clippies, proudly displayed by Woody.

The Levenger Clippies come in a nice metal tin, which has:

  • 12 Large Clippies measuring 3/4W x 3/8D (each binds up to 50 sheets)
  • 24 Small Clippies measuring 1/2W x 3/8D (each binds up to 30 sheets)


Open and closed views of both sizes of the Levenger Metallic Clippies.

The photo above shows the Levenger Metallic Clippies in both their open (top of photo) and closed (bottom of photo) states.  When they are opened, the small springy tongs (for lack of better word) protrude from inside of the body of the clip.  The protrusion acts as the guide that you slide over the stack of papers that you wish to clip together.  Once the protruded part is placed over the papers, you simply push the body of the clip down over the protrusion, and this clamps down on your now fastened stack of papers.  Its a really smooth and easy to perform action, but it amazes me how much seems to be going on mechanically inside these tiny peices of metal.


The Levenger Metallic Clippie on the paper, ready to be closed.

The Clippies are great in the sense that they function as effortlessly and easily as a standard binder clip, but they dont have the added size and thickness that is created by the little metal arms that you use to pry open the mouth with.  The elimination of those arms creates a much more streamlined tool.  The compact size and design of these is similar to the Uniball Paper Clipper that I reviewd a while ago.  Although the Levenger and the Uniball clips look similar and have some of the same benefits when it comes to small size and low profile, the Levenger Clippies win out because they dont require an extra hand held tool to actually secure the clips to the stack of papers you want to secure.


A side view of one of the Levenger Clippies securly holding a stack of paper.

As with just about every other Levenger product I have tried, these Levenger Clippies are well designed to preform a very specific task and they look great while doing it.  There are probably some pros and cons to the Levenger Clippies when compared to standard binder clips that could be debated, however I think the specifics of the task at hand when using either tool would be a factor in that arguement.  If you are looking for a good looking, simple to use device that is small and streamlined for clipping your stacks of paper together, you certainly cant go wrong with the Levenger Clippies.

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