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Levenger Multicolored Briefcase Folders


Levenger Multicolored Briefcase Folders

When it comes to cool or unique office supplies, Levenger usually has the category covered and there is no exception when it comes to their Multicolored Briefcase Folders.  It might seem a bit ridiculous to do a review of folders, but these folders really are an essential tool for anyone who travels or just carries things to and from work or school on a regular basis.

Being that I just recently started a different work schedule where I spend a few days a week working from home, I was in search of some sturdy folders that I could use to bring working documents and other papers back and forth with me.  The key things I was looking for in these folders was that they needed to be very sturdy so that the documents didnt get ruined, and most importantly they needed to fit easily into my laptop bag.  The Levenger Briefcase folders were a perfect match for my needs, and they also had the added advantage of being translucent and they came in multiple colors.

The folders come from Levenger in pairs of five different colors: blue, green, violet, brown, and tan and measure 12″W x 9 1/2″H.  Each of the folders has a pocket on each side so you can store different projects, or related tasks in one folder.  Sliding these folders in and out of my laptop bag as I go from home to the office more regularly is much better than standard manila folders that wear and bend over time, not to mention that papers stay in these folders better because they are closed on all sides except for the top.


The Levenger Multicolored Briefcase Folder with Labels.

Im not one who usually labels or writes on things like folders or tabbed dividers unless I really need to, I prefer to just try and color code things and hope I remember the system after a while.  I just feel like it looks cleaner and neater that way.  The reason I bring that up is that the Levenger Briefcase folders do come with a set of 20 labels as pictured in the photo above.  Eventhough I wont use them, I did try sticking one on a folder just to test it out, and they seem to stick fairly well.  I attempted to slide it around after sticking it on because I assumed that the smooth plastic surface might not lend well to keeping things stuck, but I was proven wrong.  My only minor issue with the labels is that I tried writing on one with a Uniball Signo DX, and the ink does smear a little even after being given some time to dry.

Overall these folders are great for me in keeping things organized, and making for a quick, and easy way to carry my important work papers between home and the office without worry of having the papers get folded, bent, or damaged like they might in a regular folder or without a folder at all.  One last thing they are helpful for is traveling, if you have ever printed your flight boarding pass and fiddled with it while you went through security to the waiting area to the line to board the plane, then this might be a nice alternative solution that you can use one of the extra folders for.  I dont know if I should be impressed or embarrassed that Im so happy to have found something as simple as a folder that I not only feel like I cant live without now, but that I also somehow managed to write an entire blog post about. 🙂

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