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Levenger Notabilia Composition Style Notebook


Levenger Notabilia Composition Book

The Levenger Notabilia Notebook (via Levenger or Amazon) is Levenger’s high quality version of the classic composition notebook.  As with most other Levenger products, you can feel the quality just from picking this item up and having it in your hands.

Levenger Notabilia Composition Book Sewn Binding

The first thing I noticed about the Levenger Notabilia notebook (besides the nice calming greenish color of the cover) was the sewn binding, instead of what you see in many composition notebooks which is a glued binding.  I think it might be hard to see from my photo above, but the little white stitch marks are there running down the center of the notebook.

Levenger Notabilia Composition Book Laying Open

I didn’t force the issue, but even without making too much of an effort, you can see that the Levenger Notabilia does open and come close to laying flat.  With a little bit of extra pressure I am sure that it would flatten out nicely.  The Notabilia notebook measures  3/4″ x 10″ and has 140 pages of high quality, and bright white 60 lb paper.

Levenger Notabilia Composition Book Writing Sample

Before I talk about the writing experience with the Levenger Notabilia notebook, you might notice something a bit interesting.  Unlike many other notebooks, the vertical line that is on the left side that acts as the margin, is the same exact dark gray color that is used for the horizontally ruled lines.  Usually I am used to seeing some kind of contrasting colors, but it isnt a big deal at all.

The first thing that I noticed with all of the pens on this Levenger paper was that it wrote VERY smoothly.  Id say that with the fountain pens I tried, it is even smoother than the normal Levenger Circa notebook paper.  Of the three fountain pen and ink combination that I used, I think my favorite by far was my Lamy Studio EF with the Sailor Blue Black ink.  Not only was the writing experience incredibly smooth, but the nib, the ink, and the paper all seemed to work so well together.  The nib literally glides over the paper with that combination, and the ink did not feather, bleed, or show through at all which is always impressive.  The two other fountain pens did fairly well, however if you click on the above photo of the writing sample  you will see that there is a slight bit of feathering with both of those.

The other non-fountain pens that I used all performed very nicely on this paper too.  Both sizes of the Sharpie Pens, as well as the Uniball Signo gel ink pen wrote smoothly and most importantly didn’t bleed or feather on the paper.  I am confident that you can write on both sides of the paper with this notebook with most pens, I would just avoid the most inky or wet pens though to play it safe.  If you want to pick up a Levenger Notabilia Composition notebook for yourself, obviously the Levenger site is the place to go, but don’t forget that you can now find this Levenger item and more on Amazon where you might be able to get a better deal on the shipping rates.

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