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Levenger Page Points for Easier Reading and Organizing


Levenger Page Points

I can clearly remember the first time I got a Levenger Catalog, and saw the Levenger Page Points, (now called Levenger Page Nibs via Amazon and Levenger) and I thought to myself “Wow, $10 for some fancy bookmarks? That’s crazy!” I shortly forgot about them and went on with my business of shopping for accessories for my Circa notebook and who knows what else. It was not until a few weeks later that I realized how short sighted I was being.  In this post I will outline 3 different uses I have found for the Levenger Page points, hopefully you will find it helpful.  Just a few quick things about the Levenger Page Points before I get started though.  The normal price for them is $10, and they come in a set of 36 in a nice tin storage container.  The Page Points are made of copper, and as noted in the Levenger Catalog, they can be left on the pages over long periods of time without any fear of ruining the pages.

My first realization about the page points came after I had been using my Levenger Circa Notebook (See my review here) for a while, and ran into some problems getting them set up in a way that was optimal for my daily work routine.  I had five sections set up in my notebook, which seemed to work well for the most part, however I wanted to further be able to segment the one section I had dedicated to my recurring weekly meetings.  By simply taking the page points and inserting them on the last page of my notes for each different weekly meeting, I now had a simple way to quickly navigate to the appropriate section.  You can see a side view of how they look in the notebook as highlighted by the red boxes I’ve edited into the photo.


Levenger Circa Notebook and Page Points

The next, thing that I realized about the Page Points is how much better they were than regular old bookmarks, which is probably the intended use of them instead of how I had been using them in my Circa Notebook.  The thin profile, sturdy metal construction, and small pointed end really make them ideal not only as a bookmark, but also as a way to point to a specific line of text in a book without marking the page.  As you can see in the picture below (Brain Rules is a fantastic book btw) the Levenger Page Points make it very easy to identify the exact point on a page that you wish to mark.  In addition to using the Page Points as a bookmark to easily find where I last left off, I also sometimes use them to mark a specific line in the book that I want to go back to or remember for some reason.  As a result of them being so thin, you can leave multiple Page Points throughout a book without fear of it causing distortion in the way the book lays.


Levenger Page Nibs in Use on a Book

As someone who comes from a Marketing and Product Management background, I always find myself trying to think of a way to improve on a product, and with the Levenger Page Points, there is one thing that I think would be a big improvement that should be focused on.  Being that these are constructed of copper, they will eventually react to being touched and you will start to see them go from that nice copper/gold color to a darker brown.  I cant help but wonder if there is a better material that Levenger could use in making these so that they don’t eventually turn to that ugly darker color.  Obviously this is really just a comment on the aesthetics of the item, and it really has no impact on the functionality, and I wouldn’t let that issue stop me from buying and/or using these, as they have already been a huge help with both my Circa Notebook organization, and my being able to keep better track of my reading.Today I can completely get behind some “fancy $10 bookmarks” and recognize them for the great value they have been so far…thanks Levenger for yet another great product.  The last picture below is an extreme close up of the Page Point just so you can see the detail, but mostly so I could practice my photography skills.


Levenger Page Point Close Up Shot

UPDATE: Penny from the site Penguingirl made me aware of a very similar product from a site called Lee Valley called “Book Darts” which if you click on that link back there you will see.  I have never used or seen them in person, but they do seem to offer a better value since you can get 50 of their version for$8.95 plus shipping.  I’ll have to consider doing a comparative review because they look interesting.  Many thanks to Penny, and also to the blog that she found them, Hotel Zero.

UPDATE #2: Just saw that you can get them direct from the manufacturer, bookdarts.com in various quantities, they offer both a brass and stainless version.

UPDATE #3: Levenger has brought these back as a product called Levenger Page Nibs and can be found here via Levenger and here via Amazon.

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