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Levenger Planner Refills see Upgraded Paper


Writing Sample on the  new Levenger 100g Paper (bottom) and the Old Stock (top) both with the Same Fountain Pen and Ink.

Kind of a short post today, but I thought this was important to point out.  A few weeks ago when Levenger released their new line of planner pages for 2012, I noticed that they had upgraded the paper from 60 lb stock to 100g.  Having had some issues in the past with my fountain pens on the 60 lb stock, I was really excited to get my hands on the new paper to see if I could get better results with it.  This is one reason that Levenger is such a great company.  They heard user feedback that people weren’t happy with their Levenger planner refills, so they upgraded the quality of paper.

If you can’t already tell from the first scan above, there is a HUGE difference in how this paper handles fountain pen ink.  Using my Visconti Michelangelo with Extra Fine Nib, and Pelikan Edelstein Topaz Ink, I did two different writing samples.  On the top in the above scan you see the old 60 lb Levenger stock, and on the bottom is the new 100g stock.  As you can tell, the old 60 lb stock really sucked the ink out of the pen and it spread significantly once it hit the paper.  This resulted in an Extra Fine nib that wrote more like a bold nib, which really bothered me.  I’m really glad to see that Levenger improved this paper because it I use it on a daily basis with my fountain pens to manage my day to day work.


Back Side Comparison of the 60 lb Levenger Stock (top)vs the 100g Levenger Stock (bottom)

As if the regular writing sample wasnt enough, take a look at the see through, and lack of see through when you flip that writing sample over.  There is a ton of show through on the 60 lb stock, while the 100 g stock shows absolutely nothing through from the front of the page.

If you have been on the fence before about any of the Levenger planner pages this upgrade in paper should really make you reconsider.

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