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Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refills


Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refill Package

Recently I received a package of new products from our friends at Levenger.  One of the things included in there was this sample of their new Levenger Recycled 120gsm Circa Refills.  I’m always a sucker for new and improved paper from them, so this was quite a nice surprise.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first recycled product I’ve seen from them.


Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refill Label

As you can see from the photo of the label above, these new Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refills have a few good things going for them.  First, the refills are quite substantial at 120 gsm, which is noticeable at first touch.  Compared to lesser 90 and 100 gsm papers, you can definitely feel a difference.  The paper is noticeably heavier and stiffer.  The second thing of note is that this new product is made from 60 to 70% recycled pulp and printed using soy-based ink.  Between all of those things, you have a hefty paper that is designed to handle just about every ink.  This paper is also more environmentally friendly than many other papers.  Lets take a look at how the paper handles when you write on it.


Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refill Writing Sample

Usually with any recycled products I have my reservations.  When it comes to how its going to handle different types of inks they can be hit or miss.  With the Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refills, there were absolutely no performance issues though.  For the writing sample above I used some of my wetter writing pens, and not one of them had any issues on this paper.  They all wrote well with no feathering or show through on the back of the paper.

The only difference I noticed with the Levenger Recycled 120 gsm Circa Refills compared to the their standard paper is that it is a shade rougher when you drag the nib of your pen across it.  I prefer smoother papers, however the slightly more toothy feel on this paper not a bad thing.  It just comes down to personal preference.  I would recommend this Levenger Recycled 120 gsm paper for anyone that wants a high quality and environmentally friendly option for their Levenger Circa notebooks.  Thanks again to everyone at Levenger for sending this over for review.

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