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Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover


I’ve done plenty of reviews of Levenger Circa stuff and it never gets old because I absolutely love their notebooks.  The quality and design are always top notch, so when I saw this new Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover (via Levenger) I knew I had to have it.  Keep in mind that if you order one of these it comes with black plastic discs not the sliver aluminum ones you see in my pictures here.  Between the silver discs and the light grey stitching I really love the subtle contrasts that they provide against the all black leather.

Here is a quick picture of the Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover that I posted over on Instagram (@) before I swapped out the original black plastic discs. I think the silver discs on this really contrast well with the black leather cover.


Here is another close look at the stitching and also the “Levenger” logo.  One of the things I love about Levenger is that they are usually pretty subtle with their logo and branding on their products.


The inside front cover is mix of the soft black leather found on the outside as well as a soft black and white 100% cotton chambray lining. The back inside cover although not pictured here is completely covered in the cotton chambray lining. Again, the mix of black and white on the covers lining provides a nice subtle contrast and also adds an additional bit of luxury to this notebook.


Just like most other Levenger Circa foldover covers, the inside front cover has two small pockets that fit a few index card sized items, and one larger pocket to hold larger items up to about 11″ in height.  The pen loop you see there is attached to the back cover.


Its important to note that Levenger Circa notebooks do not come with tabbed dividers, although Levenger does sell plenty of them that you can grab in various colors.  I however prefer the black tabbed dividers (via Staples) that are made for the Staples ARC system.  If you are curious if Levenger Circa is compatible with Staples ARC, your answer is yes and I have more detail here for you.  Personally I feel that the Levenger products are the higher quality offering, but in this case they just didn’t offer exactly what I was looking for.


One of the big decision factors and satisfaction drivers for me when it comes to the Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover notebook is how my nicer pens look when paired up with it, this actually goes for any nice notebook that I buy.  I have to say I was mostly thinking that my Pelikan Souveran M805 Stresemann Anthracite (see the review here) would be the best match, but I once I paired them up I realized that it was actually kind of dull looking.  I usually love the all black/grey/silver look but in this case I wanted something with a bit more of a contrast.


To my surprise I was actually most happy when I happened to lay down my Pilot Vanishing Point in Bamboo with the Levenger Stealth Circa foldover.  I think the color contrast is perfect.


Here is a quick look at the Levenger Stealth Circa foldover with each of the two pens laid on top.  I think the red tones of the bamboo finish that are slightly toned down by the black wood grain really provides a great contrast with the all black cover.  The silver accents on the pen also pair nicely with the silver discs.


Overall I couldn’t be happier with both the look and quality of my Levenger Stealth Circa Foldover (via Levenger).  If you haven’t yet tried out the Levenger Circa notebook line I’d highly recommend giving them a try as they not only look amazing, but I also fully credit them with getting me much more organized due to their movable pages that easily pull out and slip back onto the disc binding system.  If the Stealth foldover here is out of your price range for a trial run, I always recommend checking the Circa stuff on Amazon because not only are some of them cheaper there, but you can also leverage some better shipping rates too so its worth a look.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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