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Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Review


Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Boxed

Our good friends over at Levenger were kind enough to send this amazing looking fountain pen over for us to review today.  Its the Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen and has a Broad nib.  I typically stick to Fine or Extra Fine nibs, so writing with this pen was a bit of a different experience for me.  One thing that does go along with my usual preference is the sleek black look and the nice silver accents on this fountain pen.  Many thanks to the folks at Levenger for providing this review sample.


Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Cap and Nib

As with most Levenger brand fountain pens, each one has the Levenger brand printed on the ring around the cap and on the nib itself.  I think that its pretty subtle so it works really well without being distracting.  I also just really like the font used when they print the Levenger name, I think its a great match for the overall styling of the pen.  As you can see the Levenger True Writer Obsidian is a very nice solid black resin with silver accents that stand out very nicely.  All of the Levenger True Writer fountain pens have interchangeable steel nibs, so you can always swap them out or upgrade to a different size should you have the urge.   They even have a True Writer Nib Sampler Kit (via Levenger and Amazon)that lets you pick up all four nibs (Fine, Medium, Broad, and Stub) at once.


Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Box Cap and Nib

I really love the contrast between black and silver, it has that classic executive look in my opinion.  This picture of the cap also reminds me that the clip on the Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen has a very Art Deco look to me.  In this standing position it even reminds me of a skyscraper a bit because of the styling and its vertical stance.  Since we are talking about the cap here I should mention that the cap twists on and off and can easily be posted to the back.  When posted it sits firmly and does not impact the overall balance of the pen in your hand.

Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Writing Sample:


Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Writing Sample Cardinal Red Ink

 I decided to ink up the Levenger True Writer Obsidian with Levenger’s Cardinal Red fountain pen ink because to me, red is the only other color besides silver that I think accents really well against black.  It looks like since the time we did our review of the Cardinal Red, its been limited to only being available in the Levenger ink sampler kit via Amazon or Levenger.  Regardless of which ink you choose though, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this pen.  As I said earlier, I usually write with a fine or extra fine nib, but having a variety of nibs on hand can come in handy.  I could never really use this pen for my daily note taking because I tend to have very small handwriting, but when it comes to greeting cards, thank you notes, or signatures I think this nib would be awesome to dedicate for just those occasions.

The broad nib does however write incredibly smoothly and I certainly didn’t get any skipping or bad behavior with it while writing.  There did seem to be minimal nib creep with it, but it definitely was not enough to become a problem.  I kind of like seeing a little ink on the nib anyway, it adds to the character of the pen I think.  The grip section is a bit shorter than on some fountain pens, but still quite comfortable and it accentuates the overall comfort of the writing experience.


Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen Close Up Writing Sample

Overall the Levenger True Writer Obsidian Fountain Pen is a fantastic option for so many reasons.  You get a lot of pen for your money, the elegant and classic look make it perfect for any situation, and its simple and easy to swap out the nibs for different sizes if you want.  I’d definitely recommend this for someone looking to get an every day pen that they can put a lot of miles on while having the flexibility to mix things up with different nibs pretty easily.  Thanks again to the good folks at Levenger for letting us take the Levenger True Writer Obsidian fountain pen out for a test spin.

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