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Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards

Two things I like are 3 x 5 index cards, and new methods for trying to keep myself organized, so when I saw these Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards I knew I’d have to give them a try.

One of the extras in this pack of Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards is a set of 4 individual cards that have a full 12 month annual monthly calendar printed on the front for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.  Interestingly enough, the back of each of these cards are each different.  The 2015 card has a standard ruled backing, the 2016 card has grid rulings, 2017 has a vertical window, and the 2018 is blank on the back.

The first main component of the Levenger 3 x 5 Weekly and Monthly Planner Cards are a set of 12 monthly cards that have a full month printed on the front.  There were two things I found odd about the layout on the monthly cards.  First was that Monday’s get short changed in terms of the size of the box and appear to be only about 2/3 the size of the rest of the week days.  The second odd thing is the placement of the actual date for Saturday and Sunday of each week.  The numeral is placed dead center in the small box for each weekend day.  I feel like all of the numerals for the days of the month should have been left or right aligned to the top or bottom, but by placing the dates for weekends smack in the center of the box, it doesn’t leave much space to actually write anything, its an odd decision to do this in my opinion.  On the back of each of the monthly cards, the top third has two thumbnail monthly calendars, one that matches the month on the front of the card, and one that represents the following month.

The next major component of the Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards are the 53 weekly cards.  On the front of each of these you will find space for each weekday with the day of the week and date as well as three full ruled lines for your notes for that particular day.  On the back of each card is a similar space for each weekend day as well as four blank lines, a small box for a list of to-do items, and a thumbnail full month calendar for the month you are in that also has three ruled lines under it.  Without having actually used these yet (because its not 2016 yet thankfully) I do feel like the space is pretty well laid out and efficiently used.

Rounding out the set of Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards are two more  formats of 3 x 5 cards.  One format is a set of three 2016 cards that evenly break out the 2016 calendar year into neat monthly blocks with an implied use for logging birthday and anniversary dates, however I think this is just as well served to use for any generally important dates or reminders you want to keep track of for 2016.  The back of each of these cards has a standard lined ruling print on the back.  The last thing you get in this set are four of the standard Levenger to-do cards which means you get a total of 76 250 gsm cards in this set of Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards.  Overall I think these are a pretty interesting tool to use for planning out your year in a week to week perspective and I’m looking forward to implementing some system to use these.  I’m particularly thinking I’ll use them to plan my blog posts, workout schedule and grocery shopping since those are probably the things that are most critical for me to plan for on a regular basis.  The Levenger Weekly and Monthy 3 x 5 Planner Cards are obviously available via Levenger so check ’em out and pick up a set for yourself if you think they will help you in your efforts to start 2016 in an organized way.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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