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LG 3D Technology Features At Fashion Week

For the first time in innovative 3D video, Mark Bouwer’s Fall 2011 collection was presented using advances commercial 3D display technology from LG.

The fashion designer’s invitation-only show at SOHO House in New York City enlisted the LG Electronics USA Commercial Displays Division to put in place the cutting edge CF3D projector.

Using movie theater style 3D glasses, attendees were able to experience Bouwer’s fall collection in a bright, crisp and clear 3D video.

“Our partnership with Marc Bouwer’s fashion show is a testament to the expansion of 3D into new markets to create an exclusive experience anywhere you look,” said Dr. Nandhu Nandhakumar, Vice President, Advanced Technology, LG Electronics.

The premium, fashionable and elegant polarised 3D glasses were provided by Marchon3D&™ Eyewear, whilst Bravo Media shot and rendered the fashion show.

“Last year we broke with the status quo by only presenting our show online and we felt a 3D show was a great way to keep pushing the envelope this year,” said Bouwer, the American couturier.

“LG’s projector offered the right 3D technology with robust picture quality and a clarity that allowed me to introduce my new line through an unforgettably immersive experience.”

3D Technology

The versatile CF3D is the world’s first full HD dual engine single lens 3D projector.

Featuring an outstanding brightness, unlike other 3D projection operating systems which use two separate projectors – one for each eye – the CF3D has the two projectors built into a single unit; reducing space and size required to display 3D content from a single projector.

Ghosting is minimised via improved and more rapid polarisation, meaning the 3D content has a higher resolution and improved definition.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of the LG brand.


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