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LG And Alain Mikli Join Forces To Create Sophisticated 3D Glasses

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 11/24/2011

Proving 3D glasses needn’t be uncomfortable or unsightly; LG and Alain Mikli have created ergonomically designed 3D specs that deliver realistic images whilst being stylish.

In 2010, LG announced the introduction of 3D glasses, which were designed in conjunction with world-renowned French eyewear designer, Alain Mikli.

The duo combined their individual knowledge bases of 3D technology and design, culminating in the highest quality 3D experience for the LG’s Cinema 3D users.

Alain Mikli

With over 30 years of experience, designer Alain Mikli has gained an international reputation by providing comfortable and stylish glasses.

The company runs a collection of boutiques around the world, including cities such as New York, Paris and Milan – understandably attracting the more fashion-conscious consumer.


“Numerous studies have shown that of all the challenges facing 3D technology acceptance, the glasses always rank near the top,” commented Havis Kwon, President of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company.

“The fact is, 3D viewing glasses don’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable. We’ve just proven that with Monsieur Mikli’s help in creating what are probably the best, most stylish 3D glasses in the world.”

Unlike the current 3D glasses made of plastic, LG and Mikli opted to make their 3D glasses from select metals, while also sticking to the French designer’s signature streamlined design.

Design & Comfort

The new glasses raise the bar for 3D eyewear in terms of design, fit, and user comfort.

Ergonomically designed, the glasses offer its user the utmost comfort. The optimum weight ratio on the front and back of the glasses means viewers will feel less fatigue when wearing them over longer periods.

A specially designed nose pad, which has been co-patented between Mikli and LG, provides a snug fit around the bridge of the user’s nose.

Spring hinged arms with extra-long tips ensure the optimum fit around the sides of the head offering the ultimate comfort.

The new premium 3D glasses have since ben available after being showcased at the CES 2011 event earlier this year.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of the brand LG



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