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LG Cinema 3D: What is it?

HD, 3D, TV… LG. So many letters, so little time. So what’s it all about? And most specifically, what is LG Cinema 3D and the big fuss surrounding it?

In the past year, the word on everyone’s lips has been ‘3D’. Taking the giant yet seamless leap from cinema to TV, it seemed like something of a distant future. However, here we look at how LG have made it possible for you, your family and your friends to enjoy the quality and entertainment of 3D TV and cinema, from the comfort of your very own home.

What is Cinema 3D?

Cinema 3D is so called because it is considered the closest you will get to the 3D you experience within the cinema, yet within your own home.

LG’s range of Cinema 3D TVs are designed with LG’s exclusive FPR, i.e. Film-type Patterned Retarder panel. The FPR panel optimises the separation of images into an image for the left eye and another for the right. These two images are ‘filtered’ through the Cinema 3D glasses to create a 3D viewing experience.

Another bonus to LG’s uncompromised 3D technology is the lack of flicker that can be seen in some of its counterparts’ 3D TVs. In particular, the LG Cinema 3D TV, LW6500 – of which was unveiled at this years’ CES event – has been awarded a ‘flicker-free’ certificate from both Intertek and TUV.

Intertek and TUV stand as the most globally recognised and highly respected inspection and certification bodies in the world; this meaning that for the LW6500 to receive such a recommendation is quite the honour.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a fan of LG Cinema 3D


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