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LG’s First Android Phone

  • By Barry Knightly
  • Published 12/30/2011

The first Android Phone from LG is the InTouch Max GW620.

Offering a 5 line QWERTY keypad, you can personalise your phone with a series of applications to suit you – whether that be news and weather apps, games apps or social networking apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

The keypad feature brings to life the fact that this device is like a portable PC, making it easy to post status updates in real time and keep in touch with friends and family quickly and easily.

Before we take a closer look at what features the InTouch Max offers, let us look at what an Android Phone is and what that can offer.

What is an Android Phone?

The Android Phone has been created by Google.

It is a new mobile operating system that is open source –meaning that anybody can develop software for it.

This meaning users are able to download a wide range of new and individual applications, mobile software updates and programmes which are constantly being made available.

As mentioned above, your interface can be personalised with widgets and gadgets and you can also download games and share high quality video.

Focus On: InTouch Max


Linkbook is the InTouch Max’s social networking manager allowing you to go straight to your friends’ social networking profiles direct from your contact list.

Real-Time Push Email

You needn’t manually check for emails anymore with Real-Time Push Email. With this feature, you’ll be alerted instantly of new mail delivery.

Android Market&™

Android is all about applications (apps).

The Android Market gives you access to over 100,000 applications to download straight to your device, most of which are free.

This will allow you to personalise your phone to suit you.

From social networking apps to keep in touch with friends, to news and review apps to keep you in the know.

For the more lighthearted of you, there are fun apps to keep you and the kids entertained.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a fan of the Android Phone



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