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Lightbulb Shaped Paper Clips by Jared Joyce


Light Bulb Paper Clips and Display Case Container

I don’t usually post anything on Thursday, but the opportunity presented itself to share another of Jared Joyce’s inventions.  I thought some of you would enjoy seeing these lightbulb shaped paper clips and having the chance to go vote for them in this weeks round of new inventions on Quirky.  If you vote for these and the product wins out over all of the other ideas submitted, you will be in line to earn a small percent of every set of these that get sold.  It is a fun way to get to influence products that might come to market, and at the same time earn some money based on your participation.


Bright Idea Light Bulb Paper Clips by Jared Joyce

The Bright Idea lightbulb shaped paper clips would come in a tin case that not only holds them in a neatly stacked package, but also can be flipped over as shown in the first picture to stand the paper clips up in slots for display and easy access.  These would definitely make for a fun gift for your co-workers, a teacher, or anyone else that likes to have fun with their office supplies.  If you want to get a look at more pictures of these, or want to vote on the submission to see if you can influence these and help get them made then just follow the instructions below:

1.  Head over and sign up for your free Quirky account

2.  Go to the Bright Idea Paper Clip Submission

3.  Vote for and rate the idea if you like it

4.  Share this post with any of your friends, family, and co-workers that you think would like these

5. Wait to be notified that this product wins, and you have earned influence points that will put money in  your pocket for every set of lightbulb shaped paper clips sold.

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