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Lihit Lab Twist Ring Note Aqua Drops Memo Notepad


Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad

The Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad may look like a standard notepad, but it hides a pretty cool little secret.  The secret is in how the binding along the top works.  Before we get into the review though, just a quick thank you to our friends over at Jetpens for providing this review sample.


Top View of the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad and Refills

A closer look at the plastic spiral binding of the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad reveals a small spring running along the top of it.  One might wonder what that is doing there?  Well the answer is quite simple, and maybe the paper refills in this picture already gave it away, but if not, take a look at the next picture.


Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad Open Rings

As you can see, the Lihit Lab twist Ring Memo Notepad has a special binding that snaps open and shut to allow you to move paper in and out in a very clean and easy process.    Speaking of the paper, these notebooks come with 40 sheets of 2.8″ x 4.7″ graph paper, and you can also get refills here.


Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad Instructions

How the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Note Opens

For those of you wondering how to actually open the coils of the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Note, that is a very good question, so I’ve posted the instructions in the photo above.  It is all spelled out there in Japanese, simple enough right? 😉


Click the photo for a closer look at how and where to open the LIHIT LAB Twist Ring System

Actually we reviewed a different size notebook with this same feature a while ago so above is a photo that I edited with my amazing Photoshop skills to give you a visual on how to open it.  Simply put though, a slight tug of opposing corners near each end of the binding will cause it to slip right open.  Once you have added or removed your paper, a simple pinch of the rings will close everything back up nice and securely.

The paper in this Lihit Lab Twist Ring Note has a very smooth feel to it when writing with a fountain pen, and it also manages fountain pen ink very nicely.  There was no feathering or bleeding with the Pelikan Edelstein ink that I used in it.  For the time being my scanner is being picky and doesn’t want to actually save anything for me, so apologies for the lack of writing sample.  Suffice it to say though, I really enjoyed writing on this paper and having the ability to shift the paper around makes this a really fun notebook.  If you are looking for a unique notebook, definitely head over to Jetpens and check out the Lihit Lab Twist Ring Aqua Drops Memo Notepad in all of the different colors that they are available in.

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