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Linde werdelin 3timer racing singapore edition

  • By Aaron Ben
  • Published 12/1/2010
  • Article Writing

Grand Prix Race Singapore is around the corner. And Linder Werdelin has created a special limited edition watch for this event and people who love the race. It is reported that this watch will be officially unveiled at the opening ceremony of the Grand Prix Race. To my knowledge, it is probably the first time that this watch brand makes a special piece for a racing event. The Racing Singapore Edition watch, which is based on the 3-timer watch, is available in two versions that are differentiated by red or yellow hints . Each version is limited to just 9 pieces. The watch has a standard 3-Timer watch case. Crafted from stainless steel, it is 46mm at diameter. It features an eye-catching bezel with red or yellow markings. This color enhance continues onto the inside of the screws on the case and strap and the holes of the the perforated leather strap. The front of the watch is covered by a sapphire crystal, while the rear has a special Racing engraving. The black dial is nicely textured and has all lovely elements of a 3-Timer GMT watch-neat design, three-dimensional effect, and excellent legibility. The Linde Werdelin Racing Singapore Edition is powered by a Swiss 2893 automatic GMT movement that has a date complication-the date is displayed at 4 o?ˉclock position. This limited edition of 18 pieces is only available in Singapore. The unite price is around 5,280 euros. If you love this exclusive piece, get the amount ready and prepare to snap one ¨Cthat is surely not an easy task. The author of this article wish to invite you to stay tuned to her social profile bagsbeauty to discover the latest information.



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