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Links of london jewelry charms and effervescence series

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/17/2011
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If you are an addict of luxury gorgeous luxury, you may know not only the brands such Tiffany or Cartier, Links of London, the celebrated jewelry brand from British, may also be recalled by most people. Jewelry pieces of Links of London are well-recognized by their stunningly gorgeous and classic stylish or even unique designs. The series of Charms are the typical example of their unique styles.

Small, exquisite and highly personalized Charms series are fondled admiringly by most jewelry lovers. They use a unique and memorable way to record the eternal themes such as love, guardian, happiness and touches in life.  From the three-dimensional letters to the abstract graphics, from the small desserts to sweet hearts, from animals, plants and landmarks, each pendant has the endless story including an extraordinary moment, a journey, or the most important friends, family in life… The latest hanging ornaments of Charms Series contain the carousel, the Eiffel Tower, t

he love angel heats and other new styles. Some silver, 18K gold plating and 18K rose gold plating and other materials are also available. They are all to highlight the wearers’ unique and charm personality.Effervescence series jewelry is another masterpiece of Links of London. Numerous stylish bubbles are tightly embracing to assemble into the full creative jewelry pieces. No matter it is necklaces, bracelets or rings, they are all filling the temperament funny and good-looking. And they always reminiscent of the joyful moments when there are many bubbles and wafting of the wines turning on the champagne. Owning the Effervescence series is just as finding the key to laughter. It can always bring the relaxed mood to the wearers. Avant-garde fashion silver color greatly highlights one’s personality grade, while the exquisite gold one embodies the charm of the smart porcelain, which confirms the unlimited creative energy of Links of London.

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