Liquid Diets to Lose Weight


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Weight Issues 
Published on 01-06-2010

Weight is a troublesome issue to many people in America. Whether you have been struggling with your weight for years or decades, or have acquired excess weight from pregnancy, you are probably not only thinking about losing the weight, you are thinking about losing it as quickly and easily as possible. You might be considering a liquid diet for this purpose.

Three of the most popular forms of liquid diets for weight loss include water fasting, special liquid drinks which are made for this purpose, and limiting what one consumes to drinks such as fruit juices. There are pros and cons of each method, as well as pros and cons which surround them all. This is why no liquid diet for weight loss should be begun without the advice of a physician.

Using water fasting as a means of quick weight loss involves consuming nothing but water for a specific period of time. While this method may appear to help you shed unwanted pounds quickly, it can also cause effects which may not be noticeable immediately. Consuming large quantities of water can deplete your body of the electrolytes which it needs to remain healthy. Water fasting also means that your body is not receiving the nutrition it needs for good health.

While consuming fruit juices for quick weight loss may allow you to have more energy, your body is still not receiving everything it needs. Even if you get an overabundance of Vitamin C from the fruit juice, you will not be getting much else.

There have been numerous drinks on the market specially made for weight loss. Some are high in protein and other nutrients. Although these drinks may help you to lose weight rapidly, there is the possibility of side effects. The safety of long-term use has not been determined.

There are other potential drawbacks to liquid diets for weight loss in general. Even if your health does not suffer any consequences, there is always a drawback to something that is seen as a quick fix. As the primary purpose of liquid diets is to help the person to lose weight very quickly, it does nothing to address either health or eating habits. When a person goes on a short-term fast with a liquid diet, the unwanted weight can begin to reappear shortly after the diet is concluded. With unwanted pounds gone, the person is likely to revert to his usual unhealthy eating patterns.

If you are in relatively good health, one of these liquid diets for weight loss may be helpful to you with your doctor’s approval and supervision. However, making healthy changes in your everyday lifestyle is the only way to keep unwanted weight from returning. If you are considering a liquid diet, you should also formulate a healthy pattern of exercise and a balanced diet to keep the weight off. When you consider the potential complications of a liquid diet for weight loss, you may decide that a low-calorie, nutritional diet would be preferable. It may take a little longer to shed the weight, but you will stay healthier while learning good habits that will last a lifetime.


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