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Liquid ink pen reviews


I’ve always been a fan of the Pilot Precise line of pens for as long as I can remember.  I’m pretty sure I had several of them that I used in grade school decades ago, however I don’t recall ever using this “GRIP” version.  I’m sure they are probably available in most of the usual places, however like just about everything I buy, I grabbed these here via Amazon, where they also have several other options as well as additional colors available. … [Read more…]


In general I’ve become kind of cynical and tired of Kickstarter pens.  Lately most are just some fancy but nicely designed metal that look nice but offer no real innovation.  Then I saw the Ti ARTO (back it on Kickstarter here) by BIG IDEA DESIGN.  My cynicism stopped dead in its tracks and within a few seconds I decided to back the project myself.  The Ti ARTO not only looks amazing, but it also does something that no other pen does to this magnitude.  I … [Read more…]


Not too long ago I mentioned the great deal over on Amazon for these Bic Z4 rollerball pens (see the Amazon deal here) which for that price I couldn’t help but pick up a pack for myself.  I was a little surprised with what showed up in my mailbox so I figured I would do a quick review and follow up here today. … [Read more…]


I picked up the Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint Refillable Rollerball (via JetPens) quite a while ago and have been using it on and off pretty frequently, but forgot I never wrote the review.  As you can tell from the photo, its a variant of the Pilot Precise V5, which has been one of my favorite pens for as long as I can remember. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Solid Titanium Pen and Stylus from Big Idea Design, and they were kind enough to send up these aluminum versions to check out next.  In addition to this review, we will also be doing a giveaway later this week of both the standard aluminum version and the XTS which is the shorter version you see here, so be sure to check back in for that.  If you can’t wait for the giveaway, feel free to head on over to the Big Idea Design … [Read more…]


Back in June of last year we highlighted a really cool new pen that was being funded through Kickstarter that took the refills for dozens of your favorite pens, and also functioned as a stylus.  The pen got enough momentum to actually get funded and I recently received mine as a funder of the project.  The Titanium Pen and Stylus can be found over at the Big Idea Design website if you are interested in purchasing one. … [Read more…]


So I like to keep an eye on where the Pilot G2 falls in the ranks of Amazon’s Top Selling Pens, because quite frankly I don’t understand why it sells so well based on the poor performance I’ve seen from it.  Based on this screen shot from 9/25/2012, it looks like the back to school season shopping has again secured the Pilot G2 as one of the top selling pens on Amazon.  As you can see, three of the top four selling pens on there are some version of the … [Read more…]


The brand new Uniball Vision Elite BLX pens may not immediately jump out as being anything different, but you should probably take a closer look.  These look just like the standard Uniball Vision Elite pens, right?  Take a closer look, because instead of the standard colors each has black ink mixed with a regular color.   … [Read more…]


  Today while I was checking out one of my favorite non-pen sites (Uncrate) I came across…an amazing pen, go figure.  This solid titanium pen with a capacitive stylus takes more refills than any pen I’ve ever seen before.  I’m really itching to get my hands on this thing to do a review, but it looks very promising.  You can find it here on Kickstarter, which is appropriate because I think this pen literally kicks the s4#!t out of any of the other … [Read more…]


Our friends over at Zebra sent some samples of their new pens over recently, and the one that really grabbed my attention was the sleek looking R-301 Stainless Steel Refillable Rollerball.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, so lets take a look, shall we? … [Read more…]


I’ve always been a fan of the Pilot Precise line of pens, and these Pilot Precise V5 RT Retractable Liquid Ink Pen (from Amazon) are the first ones I have bought in a long time because they always seem to last for such a long time.  I was reminded of them by @Speedmaster who writes the fantastic blog, Amateur Economist which is full of interesting news about watches, pens, economics, mens fashion, and other great stuff, its kind of like GQ Magazine, but … [Read more…]


In a recent trip to Staples to see what office supplies needed to be reviewed, I came across the STAEDTLER liquid point .3mm pens and was very interested in them.  Liquid ink pens that were German engineered with .3mm points, whats not to like?  With much anticipation, I threw these into my basket with a few other things and headed for the checkout. … [Read more…]


I have always been a big fan of the Paper Mate Liquid Flair pens, but before this review, it had been a long time since I used them. The first thing I noticed upon revisiting these pens was the name, are these Liquid Flair pens, or are they Liquid Expresso pens? My old ones that I bought back in 2002 or so are clearly labeled Liquid Expresso…but when I ordered them from Amazon.com the package said Liquid Expresso, and some of the pens were labeled Liquid … [Read more…]


These Pilot Razor Point EF pens  (via Amazon) that I picked up from Amazon.com were kind of an impulse purchase. I was doing my Christmas shopping and I am usually a sucker for free shipping so I just start adding stuff to my order, and these pens caught my attention and ended up in my cart. I don’t know if I’m just remembering wrong, or what, but I feel like I have been using this pen or something very similar from Pilot for years now, and I have always … [Read more…]

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