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Livescribe Smart Pen Who is Using it and Why?


I had a different post scheduled for today, however the site I was going to link you to for the product appears to be down, so I figured I’d open up conversation on something I’ve been curious about.  For a while I’ve been noticing how popular the Livescribe Smart Pens are.  The pens themselves have a very high user rating on Amazon (4 stars with 136 reviews), and the accessories including the notebooks and refills rank consistently in the list of top selling office supplies.  I also see some traffic coming to the site in search of the Livescribe Smart Pen, so I’ve been keeping an eye on that.

Normally I don’t like to post anything unless I’ve personally used it, however with this pen I’ve racked my brain and I cant even begin to think of a way that I would need to use The Livescribe Smart Pen my business or personal life.  With the volume of sales out there, on the pen and its accessories I’ve got to wonder if any friends of the blog here are using one, know someone that uses one, or have used one before?  I really like the concept of the Livescribe Smart Pen, and they seem pretty cool.  I just can’t say I remember ever seeing one of these in use.  One thing I don’t particularly like about it though is the visual design.  It looks a little bulky and generic if you ask me.  For a more advanced pen I feel that it should be a bit more visually appealing.

While normally I try to share new stuff with our readers here, today I’m asking you guys and girls to share what you might know about the Livescribe Smart Pen in the comments section below.  Are there significant productivity benefits you get from using the Livescribe Smart Pen, or do you just like using it becaus its another cool office supply to add to your collection?

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