Living Room Decorating Ideas

No matter what season it is the look, style and feel of your living room will always be very important to you. After all, it is the one area of the house where you and all your guests will socialize. So, it is important that you make your living room look stylish and welcoming. There are a number of decorating ideas you can use to enhance the look of your living room area.

Before you begin the decorating process, there are a few questions you should consider. What does your living room area lack? What colors would look best in this room? Take a moment to look around. Study your living room and try to figure out what you could add to enhance its look. Next, figure out what style would best suit your family and your house. The last thing you want is to choose home accents that do not complement the style and color of your house.

If the surface of your coffee table is naked, dress it up with a dainty lace or silk table skirt. If that does not suit your style, candles and vases are other excellent decorating items that you can place on your table top. Candles look best in table sconces, while vases look great with and without flower bouquets. If you are into nature, you can add a small plant on your table top. If you do decide to decorate your living room table top with a small plant, make sure to place it in either a ceramic or clay pot and on top of a small tray. You may compliment your plant with either candles or small colorful vases placed on either side of the plant.

Walls tend to be the most ignored part of the living room in terms of decorating. If your walls look empty, add framed photographs, paintings or candle sconces to make them more vibrant. If you are feeling really creative, you may want to add a combination of everything to your walls as long as you do not crowd your living room walls with accents.

Lighting is probably the most important aspect of a living room because it creates the atmosphere. A well lit living room makes for a comfortable and cheery living experience, while a poorly lit living room creates a cold and gloomy atmosphere. The last thing you want is for guests to sit and socialize in a dark living room. To brighten your living room area, add a lamp or two. You can also update the lighting in your ceiling or lamps by adding incandescent light bulbs. These light bulbs put out more light and last much longer than regular light bulbs. They are also eco-friendly.

Remember that windows do provide your living room area with natural light. So, when decorating your windows do not dress them with heavy drapes. These tend to block light from entering into the room. Instead, add thin curtains or blinds that are light in color to your window. To enhance the look of your windows, you may want to install a window valance over your blinds or curtains.

You can add color and style to your chairs and couches by adding small, plump cushions. While you want them to compliment the color of your couches, nothing should stop you from being creative. For example, you can decorate a snow white couch with either bright red or black cushions. The style is completely up to you. Decorate your living room area however you want it to look and have fun decorating.


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