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Loewe amazona handbag show the classic royal style

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 04/12/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Amazona handbags are the first kind of handbags which are made of the soft and lightweight suede materials and have no lining released by Loewe. Because of the seeking after of the royal ladies and celebrities, it has become the Icon Bag which popular for about 35 years. Behind the top quality Amazona handbags, there are some stunning and epoch-making methods of free-framework tailoring and some unknown secrets behind its success. The reasons of the great popularity of the Amazona handbag include not only the perfect craftsmanship, but the intriguing details even maintain its enduring attractions.

Amazona is interpreted as “female horse” in Spanish. Handbags symbolize the strength and independence of women. The subversive design concept and the full leather craftsmanship process without lining make it been highly sought after in 35 years. Used calf and goat leather, and finish them through the metallic de

al handle, patent leather deal, polished texture and soft pearl production processes.It totally takes 61 pieces of leather to make an Amazona handbag. Every piece of leather used is carefully selected from the 5% of the top tanneries around the world. A triple selection process ensures that there are no defects. These sixty-one pieces must all be perfect. It can turn to be the timeless Amazona handbag after the carefully handcraftsmanship of the artisans for 6.5 hours.The Extraordinary handicraft of the artisans strongly ensures that every pin, lining and exterior all achieve to the perfect that brand asks for. The entire production process includes four main steps: preparation, cutting, sewing and installment. The superb technical turns this no lining but elegant handbag to be a timeless classic. Inspired by men’s briefcase Amazona handbags, the ingenious designed locking is the wonderful interpretation of the great independent spirit advocated by women.



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