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Long Lasting Pen The Magna Tank


Long Lasting Pen

I stumbled across this Magna Tank Long Lasting Gel Ink Pen on Amazon one day and was surprised by the claim that it lasts 3 times longer than a regular gel ink pen.  With that kind of claim about being a long lasting pen, it was kind of impossible for me not to buy one to get a better look at it.  This will be part one of a two part look at this pen, with part two being Monday’s post.


Magna Tank Gel Ink Pen Size Comparison with the Original Sharpie Pen

The first thing I noticed about the Magna Tank was its size.  Although it is about the same length as the original Sharpie Pen, it is noticeably thicker all the way around, with a soft rubber grip that has some arched scores in it for additional traction.  Despite the large size of the Magna Tank, it still manages to be a comfortable pen to write with.  Even with the cap posted, the pen has a nice balance in the hand, and I did not experience any additional fatigue when writing with it.


Writing Sample of the .7mm Magna Tank

The above writing sample (done in a Whitelines A4 Squared notebook) shows a quick look at how well the pen performs.  Writing with the pen for the time that I’ve been using it did not result in any skipping or splotches that I noticed, and the ink itself did not bleed or feather.  The tip of the pen glides over the paper very smoothly, which usually is not an issue for a pen with a .7mm tip though.  The only issue I have experienced to date is the documented dry time that you see in the above writing sample, however I think this might be specific to the Whitelines paper so I will be revisiting that in part two of this review.

Check back on Monday for the second half of this long lasting pen review.  We will include some tests on different papers, a comparison to other .7mm gel ink pens, and an experiment that tests the claim that it will last 3 times as long as a standard gel ink pen.

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