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Long sleeve sweater is a good choice in the early autumn

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/19/2012

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The word collar or shoulder design shirt is a very popular fashion items for women, because they can show their sexy or cute style in this design. Now you should choose a such beautiful coat in early autumn, you can find that you was became the most beautiful women when you come our wholesale china clothing online shop.

Rod needle knitting round neck slim sweater, its simple round neck full of more casual sense, his shoulders in collocation also added a cute and sexy. With romantic gauze skirt and the lace pattern pantyhose is has a sweet style.

The design of shoulder arm into lace has a sweet and a little sexy feeling. It is a good choice that you wear it base or alone.

Collision color sweater bat Strapless thin sweater is very sweet, which can show your beautiful clavicle! Paired with trousers is a slim and sexy match.

Strapless translucent bat sleeve sweater has a very tidal color and star model felling. Carefully paired with a big leather bags, below the leggings or tight skinny jeans is good choice.

Candy colored shoulder sweater’s color is tender, and its shoulder design is  very sexy. Colthes are loose, can cover the stomach small fleshy. Match below the bag hip skirt or trousers, and a pair of boots, can be long gone out!

The wholesale fashion sweater is not too exposed. In comparison with the method of diversification can be Strapless to wear. You can also put into normal pull with short skirts. Sweet pink color and strapless style is very special, which with skirts or with shorts look cute. Just like the lovely smart dolls like.

The elegant wedding dress is a very sexy strapless, and its beautiful color is very eye-catching! As long as with a tight jeans, which can make the youth fashion city girl image in our wholesale shoes shop.

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