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Looking to lose weight? Find your motivation

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 01/17/2013

It’s been said “the bigger your why the easier the how.” All well and good, everything’s is easy when it’s written down on paper, but actually executing your goal and achieving results you are happy with is another story. There are plenty of weight loss tips out there on the World Wide Web, but unless you’re motivated, it just ain’t going to happen.

While many people have a surface level understanding of why they want to stick to a diet plan, such as losing weight, they may not have stopped to consider “why do I want to lose weight?” Let’s say someone responds, “to look better.” They could then ask themselves, “Why do I want to look better?”

You can always keep digging down deeper by asking yourself “why?” to every reason you give for wanting to eat better until you find the reasons that really resonate with you.

It then helps to make a list of all the reasons not sticking to a diet will negatively affect your life. Then create another list of all the reasons why sticking to a diet will positively affect your life. Reading these lists a couple of times a week is a great way to keep up your motivation.

Then each time you’re faced with making a food choice, always be reminding yourself of why you’re making better choices. For instance, a person may state “I choose to eat an apple instead of a candy bar because eating a candy bar will keep me a slave to junk food addictions while eating an apple will make me feel good about myself, help me lose weight, and increase my confidence that I am in control of my life.”

While this is just an example, it helps to insert reasons that are extremely personal and powerful to you and your circumstances.

About the Author : Charlie Browning is writing about Weight loss tips



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